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Hi guys There are a lot of people entering this market with the goal of making a profit, so they start learning through methods like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, onchain, psychology,… But perhaps because we are so focused on making money that we forget that in investing, the story of *SURVIVING* with the market and *SAFETY* of capital is the most important thing, the first thing that we all need. must think. In the group there are many articles sharing experiences, good tips to make money, but there is not one article on how to survive in the market, so today I will share a few ways to do it! ! > First of all, please read this article again (“The Cyclic Nature of the Market)(” that I have posted before. Here we go ## **Understand and grasp the cyclical nature of the market.** In this market, no one dares to say that they can predict the future accurately because the crypto market is always evolving and change every day. Even the seasoned veteran investor Fred Ehrsam, Co-founder of Coinbase, even though he went through the four biggest cycles of the crypto market in 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2021. However. , according to Fred Ehrsam, the key word that has helped him stand up to market changes for more than 13 years is “***observe the repeatability of the cycle***”. Not only in the crypto market, any market will have a “down” and a “good” time. That’s where the loop of the cycle comes in. The course of a cycle may not be the same in each period, but they still have characteristics that allow people to determine which cycle they are in and note that in each major cycle there will be there are small cycles. For example, crypto has 4 major cycles in 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2021. ## **Distinguish the cycles of the market.** Of course, even repeating cycles are definitely not the same. 100% different, what matters is what we learn from going through each phase of the cycle. After each phase of elimination, good projects will continue to exist and develop and upgrade. Above, I mentioned that in big cycles, there will be small cycles because the market does not go up and down in one circuit, but in big waves there will be small waves. The big cycles so far we can partially speculate through the BTC Halving event every 4 years, how about the small cycles? For example, ICO, Gamefi, and M2E trends can be considered as small cycles used to bring back cash flow to the market during a downtrend. The way to follow the mini cycle is to capture the trend and recognize which trend the money is pouring into, which narratives? In the group there are a lot of tips about narratives and money flow, so please read it again. ## **Learn and be patient.** People may be new to this group for a few months or years. But whether to join first or join later, the results of each person will certainly not be the same, because it depends on the knowledge that people accumulate when participating in the market. Especially the recent Meme trends, we have seen many people online showing off their xx account profits, is it because of their knowledge or just luck? If you make money by luck, then surely the market will get it back later, so people don’t think that they don’t have knowledge but demand sustainable money :> In addition, learn and be patient. maintain anymore. Knowledgeable people are many, but people who are both knowledgeable and persistent are very few, so truly successful people can only be counted on their fingers. ## **Always follow the trend and invest with the capital you are willing to lose.** Compared to other markets, crypto is not exactly a very efficient investment market as most people imagine new. People can make a lot of money investing early in new projects. But today’s trend may die out tomorrowIf you want to adapt in the crypto market, people should prepare mentally and always be ready to change their mind. Following the trend is the best way to survive in the market, as the saying goes “Trend is friend”. Always do your due diligence before people get into crypto. There is a good saying: “If you can’t explain where the profits come from, you are the source of the money.” Always consider the investment amount at a high risk and possible loss, always calculate to make a decision and of course never “all-in”. Crypto is different from a stock market index fund, an index fund can’t go to zero, and altcoins can. So don’t forget ***stop loss***, always keep an eye on the opportunity cost. ## **Share knowledge with everyone** One of the best ways to learn is to share knowledge with others even if you are not ready. Fortunately in our group, we can both share knowledge and receive weekly prizes if the article is good. And here are some of my own content from my experience that everyone can share: * Market analysis articles * Websites/tools * Good tips in the market * Writing about business In addition, everyone can create content about crypto such as: * Youtube videos * Twitter threads (Series of articles on Twitter) * Summary of podcasts * Write your own blog about experiences, ways knowledge sharing is a very practical way for people to take advantage of their own knowledge and create an environment to exchange and connect with like-minded people around. ## **Find like-minded people.** People can achieve a lot when they have like-minded friends and brothers. Always look around and find people who are quick-witted, hungry for success, and relentless in their efforts. If possible, associate with founders, builders, or anyone who knows more than you do. This is the way for you to learn the most, knowledge from crypto insiders helps people understand how the market works. Of course, this way will help you have more ideas, shorten the research process. Anyway, always ***DYOR*** (Do Your Own Research), and don’t blindly trust someone. A tip when people learn about new projects, if you have any questions about the roadmap or product,… always ask the founder/admin of the project, the answer will help us evaluate the project’s side. Do you mind?, do you understand your product?, are you planning to go longterm? Next, always think carefully before investing with anyone, absolutely DO NOT give your money to others to invest. ## **Have a job to support myself.** New to the market, it is quite possible to lose 1-2 years before making money, so everyone Don’t think about quitting your current job to pursue crypto! Although everyone has the ability to make money, in times of bad markets, current work is the source of capital, the source of self-sustaining and remembering the market experience**. **The higher the income, the more money you have to accumulate to prepare for the upcoming uptrend season or DCA to the coin. Anything is fine, but if it is best for you to participate in the field of crypto, finance, … this helps you to ensure a monthly income. In addition, when working in crypto, you will have the opportunity to learn, keep up to date with the market situation every day, without missing any trends in the market. To be successful in crypto, you must have investment experience and knowledge, know how to use related platforms, and skin in the game as much as possible. Another plus point is that when working in the crypto industry, the salary is quite high with the common ground. ## **Learn specific expertise.** Everyone has a natural talent or interest in a certain field or topic. Always take advantage of this and use it to your advantage. For example, if you are good at technical analysis, you are interested in red and green candles instead of research, then you should pursue it. But, I don’t mean that people are too biased in a particular field because in order to make money in the market, they have to be fully equipped with knowledge from Technical Development, PTCB, Onchain, Capital Management,… I want to say Just focus on what you’re better at. In crypto there are many different niches, you can choose a specific niche such as ecosystems, DeFi, NFT, Airdrop, … because in the market there are countless ways to make money and do deep research. possible. Finally, when day-to-day work compares to full-time Crypto: when it comes to a certain point, prioritizing full-time crypto can be more beneficial than a regular job. However, always make sure you have a solid capital base to lean on and never quit your job without a plan, the crypto market has always been a tough one. ## **Don’t try to chase perfection.** Many new entrants in the market often make this mistake for example every day they set a target of 1k$ a week but one day they only reach 800$, and so trying to remove $ 200 to reach the target, then being controlled by emotions leads to the end, everyone knows. In addition, I have met a lot of people who suffer from the anchor effect, that is when a token drops by 80%, instead of cutting losses, they want to wait for the token to recover before selling. The opportunity cost here is selling the token at a loss, but there is a better chance to invest in another project!! ## **Set yourself an end goal.** Should have an end goal, if there is no specific goal, it is like we are chasing an endless race, this helps You guys are more focused and persistent. Of course, everyone doesn’t need to rush, FOMO only leads to haste, let’s join the game with a long-term mindset to help people calm down. A pretty good method that everyone can apply is to break down the goal into stages, each time you complete a small goal, reward yourself with something. > * Above are some of the shares that I have summed up, each person will have their own investment method. But even so, I think the most important thing to go long with the market is **patience**, as in the saying: “The winner in the crypto market is not the one who wins the biggest bets. is the one who patiently learns and survives the longest in the market.”*

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