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How ​​to transfer Final Cut Pro projects from Mac to iPad

**If using Final Cut Pro video editor on **(iPad)( -ipad-1186639.ldo)**, libraries and projects from a Mac cannot be automatically transferred to the tablet. If you want to, you have to do it manually.** Final Cut Pro for iPad has been released to a wide audience. However, (Apple)( ) omitted a key feature, which is the ability to seamlessly move a project from one device to another and vice versa. Chris Hocking, co-founder of Late Night Films, who creates various apps for filmmakers, discovered how to migrate a Final Cut Pro project from a Mac to an iPad. As Hocking explains, Apple uses the .fcpbundle extension for Final Cut Projects on Mac, but uses .fcpproj for projects on iPad; The .fcpproj extension on the iPad already contains a .fcpbundle file inside it. **How ​​to move a Final Cut Pro project from iPad to Mac and vice versa** When starting a project on iPad, create a new project inside Final Cut Pro After working, tap the share button to export Final Cut Pro project for iPad AirDrop project files to Mac. Here, users can open the file in Final Cut Pro for Mac and continue to AirDrop the project file back to iPad from Mac **Limits and surprises when using Logic Pro portable** This software supports for Mac projects is surprisingly smooth, since most of the Mac-specific content works on the tablet app. All projects in an event will appear on iPad. Most text effects, transitions, and multi-camera clips are visible. Some features, such as color palettes, are visible but not editable on iPad. The same goes for Selective Motion templates and third-party effects. This proves that moving between devices is possible and Apple may be working on supporting file transfers and “round-trip” projects officially in the future. The third-party plugin, although not currently available, is advertised as coming soon and will further expand its capabilities on the app (tablet)( cong-listen/samsung-tung-cap-nhat-quan-trong-nham-toi-nguoi-dung-may-tinh-bang-1184464.ldo). Despite its limited launch, the future of Final Cut Pro on iPad looks promising.



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