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How ​​to turn off Google location tracking on phone

# **How to turn off Google location tracking on phone** **Phone location data helps navigate Google Maps or improve people’s commute data. However, this may increase the risk of personal data leakage.** If you are concerned about the security of location data on your phone, you can turn it off through the following instructions. ## **Use the Google app** The Google mobile app not only enables web searches, but can also be used to access and control all the data that Google holds about users. Using this app, users can turn off location tracking and access many other settings including their location history. * Open the Google app, tap the top right profile picture of the app. * Click Manage your account, from there to the Data and privacy settings. * Scroll down until you find the Location history setting and tap it. Here find the option marked Turn off and click. * The user then has the option to clear both his history as well as change the setting to automatically delete it after a set period of time. ## **With the Google Maps app** In addition to using the Google app, users can also do it through Google Maps. * Open the Google Maps app on your phone, tap the profile picture on the top right of the app. * Click “your data in Maps”. Scroll down and click location history before tapping to disable tracking. ## **Hide location from search** In addition to allowing Google to track physical location for navigation in Google Maps, users can also disable location tracking used in the search engine in the following way: * Open the Google app, tap the profile picture on the top right of the app. * Click Settings, navigate to “privacy and security”, tap “precise location” before selecting “don’t use” or “ask every time”. Note: This data is used for results in Google Search, Google Assistant, and Google Lens. Turning off this location tracking may mean that the results you get from Google are less helpful and less personalized, but it will give you peace of mind that your location isn’t being tracked. . ## **Delete timeline data from Google Maps** As well as deleting location data from Google Maps on phones, users can also do so through their location history on desktop computers. When signed in to their Google account in the browser, users can access the Google timeline to see at a glance all the places visited around the world. Users can use this tool to view details of specific places or dates, and then delete parts of the location tracking history. * Open Google Timeline in your browser with your account logged in. * At the bottom, click to see all the most visited places or recent trips, by year, month and date of the trip you want to delete. * Alternatively, users can find a stop or already visited place and click the ellipsis icon next to it before tapping “remove stop from day”. ## **With camera app** When taking a photo with the camera app on your phone, it may collect the user’s location data. If you want to be safe, users should turn it off to avoid being inserted into the image you are taking. To do this, first open the camera app on your phone, then click the settings gear at the top of the screen and tap more settings. Here, find “save location” and turn it off.



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