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How ​​to use Arkham for onchain analysis

# *Advantages of Arkham:* – **Discover the identities** of organizations and individuals from anonymous wallet addresses. – **Better portfolio management** by tracking portfolios of large funds and reviewing investment performance accordingly – **Expose the dark side** of cash flows that show signs of fading through deep dives into on-chain data. – **Dive into due diligence** of projects thoroughly, ensuring your crypto projects have a stronger foundation. – **Timed Insights** to help investors gain an edge by seeing the moves of top traders and investors as they unfold. – **Forecast the future** by harnessing the power of on-chain data to track money flow, discover modules that track and forecast market movements. – **Provides real-time insights** to**** make research articles and reports more detailed and convincing with up-to-the-minute data. Researchers will also have a wide perspective to make investment decisions. # *Features * ## Entity Page (Figure 1) This is a feature that provides users with a complete and general view of the activity of any entity on the blockchain (users, investment funds, whale,…) including transaction history, wallet balance, portfolio, wallet addresses, interactive platforms,… ## Visualizer (Figure 2) This is a feature that allows Users can map the interaction history of a wallet address that has interacted with which platforms. ## **Dashboards (Figure 3)** This is a feature that provides users with a variety of tools and utilities that allow users to customize multiple views for indicators and address behavior wallet is interested. ## Alerts (Figure 4) This is a feature that allows users to set custom alerts for important on-chain activities from individual/organizational wallets of their interest via email, Telegram.

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