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How ​​to use the useful VNeID “e-wallet” everyone needs to know

Electronic identification account – VNeID now integrates many types of documents, from health insurance cards, social insurance, driver’s licenses to citizen identification. According to statistics from the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order, up to now, local police have issued about 45 million electronic identification accounts (VNeID). In which, in Hanoi, more than 4.4 million people have been granted, reaching 74%. According to the Ministry of Public Security, an electronic identity account can be understood as an “e-wallet”, which is a method of managing citizen identification information or all identification documents in the network environment. The purpose is to perform public services without having to re-verify the person’s personal information. Currently, all administrative transactions of people have been regulated when performing administrative procedures, presenting documents such as driver’s license, health insurance, vehicle registration, citizen identification card… then the use of an electronic identification account will replace the presentation of these important documents. According to the provisions of Clause 5, Article 13 of Decree 59/2022/ND-CP, citizens can use a level 2 electronic identification account on the VNeID application to replace many types of documents when carrying out procedures. administrative. Specifically: Equivalent to the use of citizen identification when carrying out procedures and transactions requiring the presentation of citizen identification; Proof of residence instead of household registration book, certificate of residence; Provide information on driver’s license, health insurance card… for comparison when performing transactions requiring the presentation of such documents. In update 2.0.8, application developer VNeID has added an option to present documents, allowing users to present driver’s license, citizen identification, health insurance card, etc. authorities request, replace physical papers. According to the Police Department for administrative management of social order, people can present documents with VNeID in the following 3 steps. – **Step 1**: First, install or update the VNeID app on your phone to the latest version via Google Play or App Store. – **Step 2**: Next, users only need to log in with their respective accounts or register a new one according to the following instructions. – **Step 3**: At the main interface, citizens just need to click on the option to present documents. At this time, the application will automatically display the corresponding document information.



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