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How ​​to use watcher pro

Check onchain should combine many different tools, for those of you who don’t know where to start, I think this is a neatly arranged tool, easy to understand, easy to start from “starting” a new day. Search for tokens to research, or already have tokens in mind and come here to check onchain to see if you should buy/sell. The article is very long, everyone, because I sit and experience it and review the full features, the later the features are more useful. Let’s go through the features so you know the purpose and use of those features first **Wallet explore (Figure 1,2) ** Here you can see the top wallet addresses that store tokens. Wallet addresses are divided by CEX exchange, tagged wallet addresses (e.g. Jump Trading), individual wallet addresses (EOA). Also you can filter by custom token Click on each wallet address you will see their portfolio, recent activities,… -> in addition here is a list of wallet addresses of Jump_trading Also in the Address Entity Graph tab: you can see more specifically the addresses that are considered “sub-wallets” of this wallet, the chart of wallet interactions,… **Token Explorer (Figure 3)* * This is a feature I really like, it helps me see which exchange the token is mainly on, the number of diamond hands or week hands holders, and which top balance wallet addresses are selling or buying… Both data on DEX and CEX exchanges, mainly withdrawn or loaded,… Data is refreshed every 30p (according to the information I received when I asked the team builder) **Project Explorer (Figure 4) ** You can search for any project, see the number of “entities” that interact with smart contracts,… **NFT explorer (h5)** ranks NFT blue chips, provides floor price information, vol. transactions of the day, number of holders by addresses and entities **CEX transparency (h6)** list of wallet addresses of exchanges, their portfolio,… **Address Clustering (h7, 8)** find potentially interconnected addresses, including Externally Owned Addresses (EOA), contracts, exchanges, tokens, etc! Click on each node to see detailed information about that wallet address This feature can be useful in case you want to query a suspicious wallet address, for example a hacker, you can see the wallets. it interacts, exchange wallets, EOA wallets,… thereby providing more information to the investigating agency. Double clicks on another wallet address will further expand the relationship of that wallet. (h8) **Money Flow (h9, 10, 11)** This is a feature I really like, every behavior and money flow of the cat back and forth to different wallets is visualized in a specific and easy way. understand. (h9) You can see the steps of the wallet addresses, where is the intermediary wallet, where is the storage wallet, where the collected tokens come from,… (h10, 11) ** Token Holder Graph (h12)** Select a token and click the + to see more bridges, exchanges (dex, cex),… **Watcher Alerts (h13)** This is a feature useful, you can select a specific wallet + token address to monitor in real time. Every time the wallet addresses in the list have a token movement, you will receive a notification sent to telegram/email (depending on the setup). sold fish is easier to check than collected fish (because fish often collect in new, strange wallets, after collecting the balance, I will know which wallet holds a lot) This feature can be combined with the “address entity” feature. graph” to track a group of related wallets. **Watchlist (h14, 15)** This is also an item that I really like, here I can create a custom watchlist according to what I find. Or I can pre-select the categories available on the app (14) When I customize my personal watchlist, I can also choose to add wallets related to the wallets I add (suggested by the app in the related address section) ( 15) **Entity Dashboard (h16, 17)** This place is quite similar in concept to debank, but I find it more complete and organized. For example, you can also see the port, the ratio of stablecoins/tokens held. The transfer activity section is divided by top transfer, top token inflow/outflow, etc., which is quite convenient to keep track of. **Smart Money Signal (h18)** This is a newly released feature and I think you should update every day to look for opportunities. Here the application chooses high-profit wallet addresses, as you can see their profits are often higher than the price of BTC. I can see the top tokens bought in the last 24 hours, and also the average price bought. Similar to tokens being sold. It also shows me the percentage of stable coins and tokens held in wallets (but I personally find this factor not enough, because there are wallets that only use to hold tokens, but they keep stable coins elsewhere) Similar to buy/sell section, showing the trend of buying or selling tokens. At the bottom, there are also public smart money wallet addresses, I think this is a plus, because some platforms often do not share a list of smart money like this. **Live statistics (h19, 20)** This feature I think should be viewed every day, to know which tokens are loaded/withdrawn on the exchange the most, which wallet addresses are spending a lot of gas (buying and selling) Both what VX is doing (for example, ALAmeda just moved 10 million dollars to another wallet address) The ratio of stable coin mint/burn,… In the immediate future, in addition to checking on the app, you should double it from time to time. Please check the data from another source, these applications are still new, so mistakes are inevitable from time to time. — If you can’t work on the tools yourself, I have a live tutorial, **Registration link:**( JgxsshxZLp) The 5 most hard-working and lucky students will get + 1 more month to use the vip version. Those who do not have an account can pre-register at: ( (my ref link, 15 days old) free trial) — Here are some videos for your reference: 1. Nansen manual: ( /sSx97QAU21) 2. Onchain tests (you can search more on yt channel): (…)( (…)( The above articles ( ( (

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