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Huawei is about to launch a 5G smartphone

Huawei is said to be able to bypass the US embargo by using its own 5G chips designed and manufactured by SMIC. According to *Reuters*, Huawei may announce a 5G smartphone model later this year. The return to the phone market (5G)( will mark an important victory for the company over the past three years, as the company puts itself in life mode. still. Huawei used to be a formidable competitor and surpassed Apple and Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in the second quarter of 2020. Its consumer device revenue peaked at $67 billion in 2020 before plummeting to half in 2021 after US sanctions. Due to being blacklisted, Huawei cannot buy or order advanced chip lines to develop smartphones with 5G connectivity. The company is also not allowed to use Google services, including Android, and is forced to develop its own operating system Harmony OS. The company also created the App Gallery app store to replace the Play Store. During difficult times, Huawei had to circumvent the law by ordering American chipmakers with custom chip models that only worked with 4G instead of 5G. The company is also looking to equip its phones with 5G through cases that support this technology. But according to *Reuters*, this will change when Huawei has designed 5G chips and ordered China’s largest foundry to produce SMIC. The information was revealed by three companies specializing in research on China’s smartphone industry. However, SMIC’s N+1 process is considered to have low efficiency, so it can only help Huawei produce 2-4 million 5G smartphones per year and a maximum of 10 million. At the same time, production costs are expected to be more expensive than usual. The US banned SMIC and Chinese chip companies from buying ASML EUV lithography machines for the production of advanced chips of 7 nm and above. However, the research companies say Huawei has achieved a breakthrough in the development of electronic design automation (EDA) tools for chips on the 14 nm process and above. Huawei’s EDA software can be used with SMIC’s manufacturing process to create 7 nm chips by adapting older generation DUV lithography, which can still be purchased from ASML. *Reuters* said Huawei’s 5G chip can’t compare with TSMC and Samsung’s 3 nm chips, but being able to be autonomous and use 7 nm chips of its own design and 5G support will be more worthwhile for Huawei. buy 4 nm Snapdragon chip that only supports 4G. Both (Huawei)( and (SMIC)( chip-tien-tien-cua-smic-4599681.html) has not yet responded to this information.



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