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To hunt goods on dex first you need a personal defi wallet to store money, this wallet can be metamask, trustwallet, safepal… There are many websites to find goods on dex but I prefer to use 2 websites : dextools, dexscreener ***Method 1***: Access dexscreener 1.Find the name of a coin with good growth recently. Here I take the rdnt example as shown in Figure 2. Item Type: filter out buy/sell orders 3. USD item: I will filter out orders with large trading volume and let min be 50k $, no need to max. Here the web will display buy/sell orders of wallets with min volume from 50k. Then I will check the transaction history of these wallets, the rate of whips as well as other bets that the wallet holds with scanning tools such as ethscan, bscscan and especially rdnt’s arbscan. Usually I will choose wallets with balance from 2-300k $ or more – Use more effective wallet checker tools like debank, or ( (this tool is quite new and still in beta so it is sketchy), and finally (https://explorer.bitquery .io/)( /). – Paste the wallets with large transactions just found into these tools, here I take the debank tool as an example. Notice 2 items Transaction and Chain. See the amount of tokens received and transferred from which source, where to go, evaluate the profit / loss of the wallet and compare the date and time with the chart to see the increase or decrease of the token.. Debank solves the problem very well for us. clearly see the interaction of the wallet such as transferring to the exchange, swapping tokens from where, switching to a secondary wallet…. And these acts are of Smart Money. If researched long enough, people will build themselves a list of Smart Money wallets to track themselves. – Build a list of Smart Money wallets using EtherDrops Tracking Bot telegram or directly use the debank tool in the Bundles section to track their transactions. Note: – Depending on the project to set up different buy/sell orders. For small projects with a few million caps, setting up buy/sell orders of several tens of thousands of dollars is not feasible because there is not enough liquidity. So be flexible on each project level. Cap a few million, vol 5-10k is reasonable, and on average, I usually set 30-50k for mid and high cap projects. Depending on the investment style of each person to be flexible with different data. – Meme or lowcap wallets will have more and more frequent transactions, while high cap and cointop wallets will be less. Based on that to gradually eliminate wallets with low whips or for too long without transactions. – Smart Money wallet is also divided into many types, there are wallets with low cap, top coin, meme or there are wallets based on confidential information. These wallets can be devs, even devs, they know relatively well the time MM is about to hit up or down, to put the token on the exchange or withdraw to the wallet at the right time. – Smart Money wallet is not only for individuals, it can also be for kol, an investment group of friends and acquaintances… So it is also necessary to clearly identify which wallet is the main wallet for transactions and which wallet to transfer. assets, which wallet to store… -Do not track too many wallets to avoid information confusion. Usually there will be about 5-7 wallets depending on the investment taste of each person. -The advantage of this method can soon find potential hidden gems or eat small waves to increase profits. But the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time and requires a huge amount of knowledge and experience, not suitable for newbies and those who do not have much time to study. And this is also an action according to others, so don’t think that Whale and TOP-holders are always right, always dyor before investing. *** Method 2 ***: Switch to the New Pair section to find new rafters list (most are memes) 1.In the filter section we can filter the parameters to find the meme rafters. Depending on the style of play to set up parameters, but most importantly, I will filter by liquid from 1k > 20k $, and also depending on the chain to set up the liquid accordingly. 2. The filter that I use first to filter the trusses is not locked to sell or something dangerous is: txns: the number of transaction makers: the number of traders It is best to find the truss with the txhs and makers as much as possible. much. Note the number of buyers and sellers, 1000 buyers that have a few dozen sellers have a blacklist function, sell lock or limittrade already. And the scam-er now also creates a large self-trading contract and adds a large liquid, so please be careful and check it carefully. 3. To make it more convenient to check the list of bets, I use additional bots to support: New bet list: https://t. me/pancakeswapinstant (bsc) (https://t)(https://t/). me/uniswapinstant (eth) New bets add dextool: (https://t)(https://t/). me/DEXTNewPairsBotBSC (bsc) (https://t)(https://t/). me/DEXTNewPairsBot (eth) Degen eth: (https://t)(https://t/) .me/degenbot_eth_signal (https://t)(https://t/) .me/dexLions (https ://t)(https://t/) .me/iTokenLockedEthereum 4.Basic contract check web: https://www.honeypot .is/ https:// moonarch .app/ (add Contract) https: // tokensniffer .com/ (add Contract) https:// cryptofighter .systems/ (add Contract) https://dappbay.bnbchain .org/risk-scanner (add Contract) http:// rugpulldetector .com (add Code) https:// app.staysafu .org/scanner The nature of a basic contract that is secure will have parameters such as: + Owner Renounced (owner = 000x wallet) + No mint + No buy/sell limit + No can pause trade + LP Locked Note: -All web check contracts are relative, not 100% correct, but it also limits the risk when following contracts with most people who do not know the code. Because of the nature of the web, it is also an automatic AI check, and also made by the devs. So many scam-ers still create code with hidden functions to avoid this self-checking tool. For example, the renouce contract, but the code sets the right to adjust the tax in another wallet, so even if the renouce, the dev still has the right to adjust the tax, this is extremely dangerous. However, there are also many unsafe code bets that fly and vice versa, so checking the contract is only a small factor to whether the contract can xx or not. Scams are many now, so everyone, please equip yourself with knowledge, self-dyor, and self-allocate capital to avoid risks. -Play meme with many skills such as checking contract, how to use bots, shilling activities…and contain many risks, so determine High Risk High Return, everyone. ***Conclusion***: The above are 2 basic ways to help people visualize how to hunt goods on dex. Trading on dex always comes with great risks such as low liquidity, high slippage and the possibility of wallet hacking. However, it is flexible in finding potential bets with high growth soon. Please research carefully before making an investment decision. Wished everyone success.

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