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I would like to analyze a few points about BTC during this period.

Take a look at the D frame as a whole, then go deeper into the 4H, 1H, and M15 frames, we will see. 1. The biggest volume of all time from January, 2023 until March, 2023. => This volume is a collection volume. 2. Currently, the volume is decreasing or extremely small, compared to the period from January to March, it is like a drop of salt. => The fish have not taken any action. 3. So, with a huge volume, and until now, it is not a discharge volume => Just rest assured, hold, the lightest will go to 32280, if you break the top, it will go to 40000, if you break it, you will to 42700. 4. The pressing Dump or Pump at this time is not for the purpose of killing long short, earning liquidity. The target still has to Pump to 32k or more. So the fish can’t let BTC dump too deep => it will cost more and more money to pump back to 32k. 5. If dump, it will return to 23,900 because there is a trap left here, and also a strong resistance area. So 23,900 will be the bottom of this dump if any. 6. Personally, I still think I won’t dump again because I just reached the resistance zone 1 – 25900. But nothing is certain when there is still a trap at the 23,900 resistance area. So whoever is brave enough can wait for BTC to dump to 23,900 and then start from this point. All analysis is based on Wyckoff + Price actions + Volume method, do not refer to any other method.

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