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Identify counterfeit by phone app

**This app can distinguish fake from real by smartphone photos, along with AI analysis.** Alitheon, Washington-based software company just introduced a smartphone app has the ability to detect fake goods, counterfeit goods thanks to a product photo. The application is called “FeaturePrint” and is developed based on artificial intelligence (AI). “Manufacturing and consuming fake and counterfeit goods has now become a billion-dollar industry, are you sure that the product you are holding in your hand is the real thing? Remove all doubts with FeaturePrint,” Alitheon told *PetaPixel*.In a more detailed explanation of the app, its development team said that when the user takes a photo, FeaturePrints’ “Optical AI” software “sees” and analyzes the small details. on the surface of an object, and then digitally stores the complex and unique identifier of the object.Using the pre-stored identifier, the application can easily distinguish the product. Authenticity against counterfeit goods, especially valuable, collectibles such as watches, paintings, and jewelry, however, it should be noted that FeaturePrint cannot actually determine for certain whether a product is genuine. counterfeit or not, it is a tool to identify and confirm previously registered items.FeaturePrint is not released to the public on the App Store or Google Play. Alitheon only offers this application as a business-to-business solution to directly support customers. The price of the app is not currently mentioned on the website. The app is being used by the London Gold Market Association (LBMA) to authenticate gold bars to ensure they are not counterfeit. “We are working with the LBMA to secure the world’s gold and precious metals reserves and supply chains. Now, they can be sure that the gold they are buying is genuine, legally sourced, just from a photo taken on their phone,” said Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Alitheon.



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