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If you ignore this warning, your iPhone may be permanently damaged

# **If you ignore this warning, your iPhone can be permanently damaged** **According to the Telegraph (UK), millions of iPhone owners must pay close attention to the pop-up warning window this on iPhone. If you ignore it, you risk damaging your iPhone forever.** Sometimes you can accidentally splash your phone, drop it in a puddle, or expose it to water by walking in the sun. rain. In order to help users quickly get information when their expensive smartphone collects water in the Lightning port, Apple has designed a special notification window. Message #1 usually appears when you connect your iPhone to the charger, and the device detects liquid. It reads as follows: *”Charging not available: Detected liquid in Lightning connector. Please disconnect to let the connector dry again. This may take several hours”.* Message #2 will be sent when you connect the accessory to your iPhone and the liquid detector. It reads as follows: *”Liquid detected in Lightning connector: Disconnect the connector to allow it to dry again. This may take several hours”.* Apple warns, if you charge iPhone while If the Lightning port gets wet, the pins on the Lightning port/cable can corrode and cause permanent damage or stop working, causing connection problems for your iPhone or accessories. According to the Telegraph, users should not ignore these two notifications, unless they are in an emergency situation. ## **What to do when your iPhone or Lightning accessory gets wet?** Apple recommends, in this case, that you unplug all cables or accessories, and not plug them back in until they’re completely dry. *To dry iPhone, you should:* – Touch iPhone gently with the Lightning connector facing down to remove excess liquid. Keep iPhone in a dry, ventilated place. – After at least 30 minutes, try charging using the Lightning cable or connecting the Lightning accessory. – If you see the warning again, there’s still liquid in the Lightning port or under the Lightning cable pins. At that time, the iPhone should be left in a dry, ventilated place for up to a day. You can try again to charge or connect the Lightning accessory during this time. It may take up to 24 hours for the machine to dry completely. – For iPhone 7 to the latest generations, you can use the Sonic application. This is software that effectively pushes water out of iPhone. After opening the Sonic app, you’ll have a few options. One way to push water out of the iPhone’s speakers is to manually select the frequency. To do this, you need to swipe up and down to adjust the frequency (Hz) and then press “Play” to play the sound and continue to adjust if needed. The ideal frequency to push water is advised to be around 165 Hz. Make sure your iPhone’s volume is set to high when playing audio. You should see small drops of water coming out of your diaphragm. You can even see some drops coming out of the front-facing speaker. Press “Stop” when done, when the sound on the iPhone speaker has returned to normal. *Here are a few things not to do:* *- *Do not dry iPhone with an external heat source or compressed air. – Do not insert foreign objects, such as cotton swabs or tissues, into the Lightning connector. – Don’t put your iPhone in the rice bin. Small grains of rice can damage your iPhone. ## **What to do in an emergency?** While it’s not a good idea to charge your iPhone while it’s wet, you may still need to do it in an emergency. In such situations, if you have a wireless charger, you can use it to charge your iPhone, Apple says. For best results, make sure the back of your iPhone is dry before placing it on a Qi-certified charger. ## **If iPhone gives a warning when the Lightning port is not wet** If you keep seeing a liquid warning every time you connect a certain cable or accessory, the cable or accessory may be damaged . At this point, contact Apple support.



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