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If you see these signs, it’s time to think about changing your phone

** Nowadays mobile phones have become everyday essentials. Unless financial resources are abundant, very few people can keep up with the pace of new product launches by manufacturers.** So under what circumstances do we need to change phones? If you encounter the signs mentioned below, it’s time for users to replace them with another product. **App launch delay more than 3 seconds** Phone lag when opening apps can be caused by many reasons, such as latest system upgrade, outdated core hardware performance, degraded battery, The internal parts are old, etc. When there is a freeze phenomenon, it means that the user’s mobile phone has entered the period of needing replacement. Whatever the reason, if the budget is not too tight, users should consider buying a phone as soon as possible. The reason is simple: unlike a computer, the various components of a phone are not interchangeable because most of the important components are soldered together with the motherboard, especially the core components such as the chip. and independent non-replaceable memory. Even if a part is successfully replaced, it will be difficult for other parts to be compatible with it. In short, users should consider buying a new phone. **Battery condition below 80%** Battery problems are also one of the reasons why people should replace their phones. The most obvious aging of parts on a phone is the battery, which has to be charged frequently. Your phone’s battery will drop to about 80% after 3-5 years of normal use and is a normal phenomenon. If you only need to go out occasionally, the battery is enough for daily use. But when the battery life is really bad, the first thing people will think of is the most cost-effective way: replacing the battery. Honestly, this is really a good method, but users should go to the official channels for battery replacement if offered. On the one hand, genuine accessories are guaranteed to be safe, on the other hand, implementation at unofficial parties can affect the air tightness, especially for phones with IP68 rating because battery replacement can be difficult. affect dust and water resistance ratings. Also, once repaired by an unofficial party, the phone will lose its warranty service. Therefore users should go to the official channels to change the battery. In addition, the premise of replacing the battery is that the phone can still be used for another 2-3 years. Finally, let’s reiterate that the number of times a phone’s battery is changed is about 3 times, if it exceeds this number, even if you replace the battery with a new one, the internal components are also aging and it is not necessary to replace the battery anymore. In this case, you should definitely think about buying a new one. **Storage is less than 10%** The lack of storage space is also one of the reasons why the phone needs a change. As the system gets bigger and bigger, the size of different applications also increases. Currently, 128 GB of storage is somewhat becoming less, not to mention some manufacturers still launch phones with 64 GB of internal memory that can’t meet the needs of the majority of users. Even with normal use, the system, apps, photo albums and videos will gradually cause the phone’s storage capacity to be insufficient. While cloud storage methods and memory card slots are provided, this is not a permanent solution. First of all, users need to pay for the use of cloud storage, so when uploading a lot of important documents, photos and videos, future costs will keep increasing. Over a long period of time, the total cost can be more expensive than a phone upgrade. For memory expansion with memory card slots, users are advised not to because the data access speed on them is often much slower than the built-in memory. As a result, the processing performance of the machine will be greatly reduced.



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