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IM Alert: Sharks are stocking BLUR????

– 1 shark just collected BLUR 13 hours ago at the price of $ 0.5, collected **1,717.867.02158924 BLUR = $856,660.77**. Figure 1 – Another wallet address 16 hours ago **withdrawn 2M Blur tokens from OKX**, brought to Uniswap for liquidity matching. Figure 2 – Another shark I call **shark 30c8**, currently holding more than **6.3M BLUR starting to collect from March 14 **to date, at the same time we check the Blur chart also see sideway frame H4. Figure 3 So the question for us, is it time for sharks to collect? While BTC volume is very weak and is expected to dump to 25K-26K before pumping again. If we collect goods together with fish at the present time, should we? Let’s discuss together. I will update regularly on twitter

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