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Instagram is about to launch its own artificial intelligence chatbot

# ** Instagram is about to launch its own AI chatbot** **Users can even choose a preferred personality for **(artificial intelligence)(https://laodong.vn/cong- listen/trung-quoc-se-khoi-xuong-cac-quy-dinh-ve-tri-tue-nhan-tao-1201341.ldo)** (AI) of Instagram.** After the explosion of (ChatGPT) (https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/dung-chatgpt-viet-bao-cao-luat-su-my-nhan-trai-dang-1198134.ldo), we are seeing artificial intelligence chatbots (AI) is everywhere, and soon, users may also have access to a new chatbot on Instagram. Reverse engineer (who is tasked with analyzing the hidden code in the app) Alessandro Paluzzi announced the platform is preparing a new AI chatbot, which is on the way. According to the screenshot shared by the engineer, the Instagram chatbot will be able to answer questions and give advice to users. More specifically, this chatbot can have up to 30 personalities for users to choose from. Instagram’s chatbot can help people who have trouble writing messages. It looks like Meta will be able to bring the chatbot into a user’s conversation when a person mentions it with the @ command. It’s still too early to say exactly when Instagram will roll out the feature, but many users are getting excited. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in February that the company has a team working on “AI personas” for Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Engineer Paluzzi also has a good track record of learning new features in applications. He discovered evidence of a paid verification system on (Instagram)(https://laodong.vn/cong-nghe/instagram-cap-nhat-tinh-nang-binh-luan-moi-1193545. ldo) just a few weeks before Meta announced it.



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