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Instructions on how to delete applications on MacBook fastest

## You installed an application on your Macbook and now want to delete it when you no longer use it? Do not skip the instructions on how to delete applications on the fastest MacBook below. Deleting applications on the MacBook when there is no need to use it is an effective solution to save hard drive space. Then your device will have more space to store documents, applications, images or programs that require high capacity to operate. Here is the fastest way to delete apps on MacBook. **Delete Apps with Launchpad** Launchpad on macOS has the same function as the Menu bar. This is where all the apps installed on your Mac are located. To open Launchpad, press ***F4 *** or click the silver rocket icon in the ***Dock bar. ***Then you hold down the left mouse button on the application to be deleted and then click the ***X *** to delete. Finally, just confirm the deletion and you’re done. **Delete apps with Finder** Finder on macOS is a place for users to store personal files and documents. To delete apps using Finder, first go to ***Finder*** and then select ***Applications***. Next, find and hover over the app you want to delete. Right-click or 2-finger tap if using the trackpad. Select ***Move to trash.*** Then you go to the trash can icon in the bottom corner of the toolbar and find the application you just deleted, right-click and choose to delete it immediately **Delete the application using the Memory Management tool** First, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen. Next you choose ***About Mac*** then select ***Storage***, select ***Manage ***. Find and select the application to delete, move the mouse to the application to be deleted and right-click to select ***Delete**. Finally confirm the deletion is complete.



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