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Instructions on how to get Rare box when participating in the 2nd Airdrop of SpaceID from A to Z

This event is open to all participants, even those who have not participated in the first airdrop event. Last time, if you have followed this guide, now you can create a new wallet to remake it. Get a Rare box from Space ID! This time, it will also Airdrop for users, but not as much as last time, but will give you a word this time to confirm the name of Space ID. Cost: About 6 USD $BNB Bep20 Network Requirements: NFT Galxe Passport minted, instructions here **B1**: Go to **B2**: Connect BEP20 wallet and select Mint Now, select Vietnam country => Choose Driver License (driver’s license) or National ID (CCCD) for quick pass! **B3:** Send a photo of your ID/CCCD (or driver’s license) front and back and scan your face for KYC **B4:** Wait for the platform to confirm and mint. After you have a Galxe Passport, please register a new Space ID domain name! Instructions to receive the Rare box: B1: Visit the website to register your support domain name (without any additional costs) outside of 6$ to buy a domain name) B2: Buy a domain name according to the video instructions here Then buy any domain you like, after Then select the profile on the top right corner => Set Primary domain => Access the link again *Wish you guys success! Looking forward to receiving the Airdrop soon*

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