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Instructions on how to register for temporary residence on Zalo with just a few simple steps

If you are a newcomer moving to a new city or province to live and work, what you need to do is register for temporary residence. To register for temporary residence, you can go to state agencies to do so. But for you to save more time and effort, or immediately see the article how to register temporarily on Zalo by phone later. Instructions on how to register for temporary residence on Zalo Step 1: First, go to the Zalo application on your device, then in the search box, find yourself the OA of the Tan Phu District Police – Ho Chi Minh City. Here, please click on this OA to continue. Step 2: After clicking on interest, you will be redirected to the chat interface with OA, above the text input section, there will be an item called BCA Public Service Portal, click on it. You will be redirected to the interface of the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Public Security, where you will have many different categories. To register for a temporary residence, please continue to select the section Registration, Residence Management. Step 3: In the next interface, choose to continue to register for temporary residence and right after that is the information of the procedure, you can read more to know what you need to do and then select the Submit button. the red one. Step 4: Finally, you just need to fill in all the information that the procedure requires in the boxes, especially the red * boxes, you must not ignore it. After filling in all the information, at the bottom you need to tick the tick mark before the words I would like to be responsible before the law for the above statement and then click on the Record button and submit the file. Wishing you success. If in the process of using and implementing there are any difficulties, please do not hesitate to tell me in the comments section below. Along with that, please share this article to everyone so everyone knows. If your needs are not too high, a cheap phone is enough to serve and support almost every aspect of your life. Click on the orange button below to see more cheap phone models that Mobile World is trading.



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