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Instructions to farm Airdrop Shardeum, an L1 Blockchain raised $18M.

# **Instructions to farm Airdrop Shardeum, a L1 Blockchain raised $18M.** **No-fee bet!!!** Shardeum a Layer 1 Blockchain developed compatible with EVM technology, Shardeum is capable of unlimited scalability and maintain a low transaction fee with high transaction speed thanks to “State Sharding” technology Shardeum announced tokenomic with 51% for node miners and 5% for com/air. Okay, let’s get started! **1/ Add network “Shardeum Liberty 2.1” to Metamask ** Go to Chainlist:( find Shardeum testnet and add it * *2/ Get Faucet Token ** Go to: ( – Click Tweet Now – Go to Twiiter link, change line 0000×0 to your wallet address is done Tweet **3/ Use DotSHM to create a .shm domain name ** Go to** **( connect wallet and switch to Shardeum network – Give the name you want to create domain – Click Register domain name, confirm wallet – Check if domain name has been successfully created **4/ Join ShardeumSwap Swapped Finance ** Swap 5-10 once a week to become an active user on the network – Go to: ( and connect the wallet – Swap token – Click Pool > Add > Token selected already > Approve > Add liquidity/ Supply.

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