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Instructions to retrieve digital social insurance (VssID) password via virtual assistant

# **Instructions to recover digital social insurance (VssID) password via virtual assistant** Vietnam Social Insurance is piloting the integration of virtual assistants into the Customer Care Center of Vietnam Social Insurance 1900.9068 to support people to re-issue the password of VgsID – Social Insurance No. In order to provide more options and convenience for VssID application users, recently, Vietnam Social Security and Viettel collaborated to pilot the integration of virtual assistants into the Customer Care Call Center of Vietnam Social Insurance (1900.9068) to support people to re-issue passwords of personal electronic transaction accounts with the social insurance agency (referred to as VssID accounts). To re-issue the password through the Virtual Assistant on the Switchboard 1900.9068, the user can do the following: **Step 1: **Using the phone number registered for the VssID account to call 1900.9068, press key number 8 to select VgsID password reset function and follow the instructions. **Step 2: **The virtual assistant asks you to provide the Social Security number to recover the password. After you provide the social insurance code, the system will check the phone number you are calling and the social insurance number, if it matches the data managed by the Vietnam Social Security, the virtual assistant will read the new password for you ( The new password will be repeated once for you to remember). If there is no match, the virtual assistant will notify “the phone number and insurance code do not match or have not been registered with the social insurance agency”. **Step 3:** End the call. *** Note:** Calling fee to the Call Center 1900.9068 is 1,000 VND/minute, this fee is paid to the Call Center service provider. Thus, now VssID users can reset their password in 3 ways: ** Method 1: ** On the application VssID-BHXH number: Enter “Social insurance code” => select “Forgot password” => enter “Personal email” address => select “Send”. (This method requires that the VssID account must have email address information). **Option 2:** On the Vietnam Social Insurance Public Service Portal (https://dichvucong.baohiemxahoi.gov.vn): Select “Login” => select “Personal” => select “Forgotten” password” => enter “social insurance number” => enter “personal email” address => enter “check code” => select: Send. After performing the “Send” operation, the system will automatically send an OTP verification code to your personal email. Participants in the Email get the OTP code and then enter the OTP code to confirm the information. Confirm the correct system will send the account information and password to the Email address. In case when registering an electronic transaction account without declaring a personal email address, do the following: – Make a declaration of participation, adjust information about social insurance and health insurance according to Form No. TK1-TS to declare supplement personal email address information through electronic social insurance transactions of the unit or collection service organization under management. – Make a declaration of change or addition of registration information using the electronic transaction method in the field of social insurance according to Form No. 02/SD-GD and submit it directly at the nearest Social Insurance agency. **Option 3:** Re-issue password via Virtual Assistant on Call Center 1900.9068 (branch number 8). With the pilot implementation of integrating Virtual Assistant into the Customer Care Center of Vietnam Social Insurance to support VssID application users to reset their password, it shows the desire to provide more and more features and utilities. , creating favorable conditions for people when participating in transactions with the social insurance agency, contributing to building a modern and professional Vietnamese social insurance industry for the satisfaction of organizations and individuals.



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