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Instructions to update AirPods effectively

## There are people who must always carry their headphones with them and if you are part of this group of people and you are an AirPods owner, then our post on how to **update AirPods **That’s all everything you need. You must know that keeping AirPods updated It will be very important for its operation. However, unlike other Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad, there is no alarm telling you that there is a new firmware ready to install. For this reason, it is sometimes necessary to force the installation of new firmware for the AirPods if you want them to continue to function properly. Because of this, we’ll tell you what you can do to find the firmware version your AirPods require. ## Latest Firmware Version for AirPods In the following list we will introduce you to the latest versions that Apple has developed for the new AirPods: * Version 5B58: For the second generation AirPods Pro . * Version 5B59: For the first generation AirPods. * Version 5B59: For second and third generation AirPods. * Version 5B59: For AirPods Max. * Version 6.8.8: For the first generation AirPods. ## Fixes in new AirPods firmware versions * Version 5B59 In this new firmware, Apple decided to fix some bugs to add new improvements. * Version 5B58 Such firmware version for AirPods fixes some bugs and adds new improvements. * Version 5A377 Version 5A377 added features and fixed some bugs. * Version 5A374 For version 5A37A, new functions have been added, as well as some capabilities to support the new second-generation AirPods Pro. ## AirPods Update Steps * iPhone AirPods Since there is no specific way to update your AirPods, the way to achieve this is quite simple. Before proceeding, you should check the firmware version of your AirPods. After you have investigated it, you can follow these steps: * Do not take the AirPods out of the box. * Plug in your charger. * The headset will need to be connected to your iPhone or Mac computer. * Leave AirPods connected. * Wait a while for the update. If the AirPods are fully charged to 100%, it will be much easier that the AirPods update without problems. This is the only way to update your AirPods correctly, and you just have to wait for the AirPods to update to start using them again. As you can see, updating AirPods is a simple process. The only thing you need to know is what firmware version your headset has. Then you can proceed to update them. Finally, if our post on how to update your AirPods was helpful to you, we have more guides for you. You’ll find different instructions for many Apple devices to resolve the issues you’re having.



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