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Integrating driver’s license on VNeID application: Attention Department of Roads!

**Currently, people can integrate 2 more types of documents, driving license (GPLX) and vehicle registration certificate (GDKX) into the VNeID application.** Electronic identification application – VNeID by the center The national population data center is developed by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, providing online utilities for people in the electronic environment. VNeID helps identify citizens in a digital environment, replacing traditional personal papers and providing many other benefits to citizens. With the VNeID application, which has a level 2 identifier, people can integrate important personal documents, allowing them to be used directly on the application, instead of having to carry many types of hard copy papers. In addition to integrating social insurance, health insurance and dependent information on VNeID, people can now add two necessary documents when participating in traffic: vehicle registration and driver’s license. However, many people have downloaded and activated the level 2 electronic identification (VNeID) application but could not integrate the driver’s license (GPLX). According to a representative of the Vietnam Road Administration, the unit has cooperated with the Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Orders (C06, Ministry of Public Security) to successfully authenticate 31.3 million driving license records with data. national data on population. This is to ensure that the identification system automatically looks up and displays it on the VNeID application for citizens. However, the Vietnam Road Administration also admitted that there are still some driver’s license records, even though they are in the driver’s license information system, but have not been verified with the national population data (VneID). Explaining this situation, the Vietnam Road Administration said that the reason is that the number of the 9-digit people’s identity card to issue a driver’s license is different from the citizen identification number. Accordingly, for cases when issuing a driver’s license using a 9-digit national identity card, which is different from a 12-digit citizen identification number, it is not displayed on VNeID when updated. The other case is because the driver’s license or driver’s license has changed information, but it is not displayed on VNeID. In the coming time, the Road Administration of Vietnam will continue to coordinate with C06 to perfect the software and provide tools to allow people to self-check and synchronize data on people’s identity cards and citizen identification. to display license information on VNeID. **The National Population Data Center instructs people to integrate the driving license and health insurance into the VNeID application at home in the following ways:** *Step 1:* Upgrade VNeID to version 2.0.7 * Step 2:* Log in to the application, at the main screen select “Document wallet” *Step 3:* Select “Integrate information” *Step 4:* Select “Create a new request” and enter information in turn driver’s license/insurance card then sent out. After integrating the driver’s license and health insurance card and being approved, people can completely use the VNeID application to replace these two papers and other documents, provided that they have synchronized their documents. This sheet is added to a level 2 identity account. The National Population Data Center said that everyone should update VNeID to version 2.0.7 to use the latest VNeID application experience.



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