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Introducing you a tool “ALL ALL IN ONE” to search for coins to buy spot or lottery to catch the trend.

That tool is Quantifycrypto. com On the Terminal page we will see an overview of the rising or falling market using the Heatmap version. Besides, there are TOP 20 coins, Daily Winners/ Losers, Daily Trending Positive, Daily Trending Negative, Highest RSI, Lowest RSI, Weekly Winners, Weekly Losers, Monthly Winners, Monthly Losers. How do I use it? I am now trading according to the RSI school, so meeting this tool is like a fish in water, I pay special attention to the Lowest RSI and Highest RSI items. You understand roughly that these are coins that can be bought / sold, and to be sure to buy or not, remember to check if it has a support area? Is the community active or does the On-chain show signs of consolidating? In addition, an item you can notice the Daily Trending Positive, which is the projects that are statistically trending, when entering it, there is the Quantify Crypto Trend for Measurable Data indicator to measure the trend. Here you also need other analysis to decide whether to invest or not? And when you click on each Coin, you will also see the project’s information, very detailed, from web, Contract, Github, news, charts, in general all to see from PTKT, to PTCB. Most of the coins on this page I see are already listed, so you can invest with Limit and OCO orders. The table I show you is the Free board, if you pay, you will be able to see what trends the projects are in? … also quite good. Talking is not as long as you experience, just watch it, then backtest it! I find this Tool very powerful, if you have any questions, please message me.
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