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Investing in the Dowtrend season and the notes to avoid losing money when paying too much attention to “Things spread among each other”

– Hello friends, today I would like to share some tips so that you can minimize your risk and limit your loss in the market. Especially those who are new to the market! Please refer to each other 1. Determine the cycle of the market: * Usually there will be 2 basic cycles Dowtrend and uptrend (uptrend and downtrend). – Dowtrend (price down): simple recognition that the price did not increase strongly, but it was still a downtrend and there was no money inflow. Constantly junk coins are fomo for the purpose of earning liquidity and discharging on your head and being delisted is also what makes you lose all your money when swinging in. At this time, you need to prioritize protecting profits and surfing to preserve capital and wait for opportunities. For newcomers, we encourage you to play spot and futures, you should invest less capital to avoid risks and lose all your assets the first time you join. – Uptrend (price increase): Contrary to the difficulty of Dowtrend, the uptrend is a bull market (bull maket or bull push) the price of coins continuously increases sharply x2 – x1000 this makes the fomo reach the peak and Of course, the pot waiting for you is always on top. Attention should be paid to the investment that should be in projects that are clear about MM funding round, founders (CEOs) avoid losing money on Ma projects (virtual projects) * Whether it’s downtrend or uptrend, it must be noted. too do not all into all and especially always save a portion of capital . This helps you to survive the downtrend season. 2 . Investing in small mcap project (small cap) I believe all of you here, even I think (small mcaps are easy to fly and increase profits) this is also true but also high risk * AMB, ARK, BTS, DREP, FTT, GFT, JASMY, LOOM, MLN, OAX, OMG, PERL, PNT, SNM, SRM, VGX, WRX . ( Reference image below ) – This is a category of coins or in other words that Binance is reconsidering the possibility of delisting for projects that have no innovation (attracting players). The common point I see is that the mcap projects are under 100M, except for JASMY, the remaining mcaps above 200M are very low. This is the trap that makes us split by 2 or worse, lose everything! So what is the selective way to make money??? * First you choose for yourself the coins you want to invest and throw in a file for yourself, then observe the Dump and Pump cycle of BTC to see which coins are potential and can be bought. * Allocating capital to spot and if futures must confirm reversal signal in big frames ( H1 , H4 , M15 and W ) to help you know which price is a hard support zone, usually price when touching bounce very strong and fast. For spot, it is advisable to allocate capital, if the price decreases DCA, it will get a better price to help increase higher profits. * After selecting brothers to TW or brothers to join large groups: HC – Capital or Coffe crypto or Trade coin underground. These groups are all large and quite informative to learn from and Coin98 is also quite good the information is very quick and clear. You remember that a potential project with high and long-term profitability must have: a big and resonant CEO, a strong MM (like jump to push APT for example ) and a resounding fundraising round, are noticed and invested by many major exchanges such as Binance or FTX. But now only Binance is left, so please remember to note …. * After consulting and selecting, type the project name on gg to check, here will have full information about CEO, MM, Fundraising, Mcap , List of floors you can see all. If you go to Twitter to type the project normally, if the project is active, on these platforms you can easily find the extended activities of the project THIS HELP YOU DIFFERATE POTENTIAL COINS AND SPAM COINS ( when its mcap is small ) In case of delist you can refer to my previous post ! – Hope this article can help you to some extent during the downtrend season. Remember to manage your capital closely and don’t be too fomo * Good luck!

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