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iOS 16.4.1 complained of causing iPhone battery drain

## Many users say that iPhone battery drops seriously after only a few dozen minutes of use when updating to iOS 16.4.1 (a). According to *Techtimes*, this situation is reflected when upgrading iPhone to a new software version that supports Rapid Security Response security. The user *Greenngineer* said his device lost 22% of its battery in 46 minutes, while another user claimed to have lost 30% of its battery in just 30 minutes. “The device lost a third of the battery after 30 minutes when I used Spotify and surfed Twitter for only 5 minutes,” user *HostleGalaxy* wrote. Others reported that they encountered a situation of charging for many hours before the battery was fully charged, and the device heated up quickly even when only opening normal applications. Previously, the iPhone was also criticized for battery drain and overheating since iOS 16.0.1 version, but it has not been completely overcome. Apple has not yet responded to the incident. Researcher Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explains on *ZDNet* that installing a new version of the operating system on an iPhone involves a lot of things in the background, from indexing to battery calibration, and takes a lot of time. Not only does the above operation consume energy, but the calibration process also creates the impression that the battery is draining capacity faster, when it is not. However, he also stressed that if this situation lasts for weeks, that is definitely a problem and Apple must find a way to solve it. Rapid Security Response is a security patch update that was released for devices running iOS/iPadOS 16.4.1, macOS 13.3.1 in early May. The version does not change existing functionality, but only addresses vulnerabilities. exist. Apple distinguishes by adding a character after the operating system number, as iOS currently 16.4.1 becomes 16.4.1 (a).



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