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iOS 16.5 accused of reducing iPhone battery life

Many iPhone users have complained on Apple forums and Twitter that their devices drain their battery faster after updating to the new iOS 16.5. According to *Tech Unwrapped*, (iOS 16.5)( is An update released by Apple a few days ago brings new features like the Pride wallpaper theme and fixes many bugs, some of which are being actively exploited by hackers. However, the update is also said to reduce the battery life of the iPhone as some reports from the online community. When searching quickly on social networks, many Apple users said they are having problems with their iPhone battery, specifically the battery life has been severely affected since installing the new update. Soon after, Apple officially acknowledged the existence of the problem, and offered reassurance to users when the company’s support department said that the device’s apps and features needed to be optimized. up to 48 hours after (updated)( is a normal thing. The company says the initial issues have now been fixed as the new version has been deployed for more than 48 hours. Experts also said that in case users continue to have battery problems on their iPhones after updating to iOS 16.5, users can try restarting their devices as well as accessing the App Store to update apps. available on the device. If the problem persists, users can check (battery status)( -iphone-voi-ios-113-185733641.htm) in *Settings > Battery > Battery Status & Charge*. Here the user will find the maximum capacity of the battery. If this level is below 80%, it means that the battery has reduced its life and it is time to replace the battery with a new one.



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