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iOS 16.5 bug renders Apple accessories useless

**Many iPhone users have reported that Apple’s traditional Lightning to USB converter accessory became useless after updating to iOS 16.5.** On May 19, the iOS 16.5 software version was officially released. Apple released with many upgrades on new wallpapers and updates for Apple News. However, Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 accessory has a serious problem with this new version. Specifically, as noted from posts on Apple support forums, Reddit and *MacRumors*, many users reported that the accessory suddenly became useless after updating to iOS 16.5. Lightning to USB 3 is an accessory that converts Apple’s traditional Lightning port to a popular USB port on iPhone and iPad devices, often used to connect card readers or other devices using USB ports. According to users, iOS 16.5 version broke the compatibility of the device with both these ports. Accordingly, the Lightning port does not transmit power to charge iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, connecting the accessory to the adapter via the USB-A port will result in a power overload device error message. Apple says this is just a camera accessory. However, in fact, this port switch is very popular when it comes to connecting iPhone with other devices for features like networking or audio. *9to5Mac *suggests that the problem may be software related since the release of iOS 16.5. This means that Apple will likely have to release a fix version of iOS 16.5.1 at some point in the near future to fix the issue with the Lightning to USB 3 accessory. iOS 16.5 version brings two Useful new features for iPhone, including the Sports tab in Apple News and screen recording through Siri. Apple added a Sports tab to the News app on iOS 16.5, making it easy for users to follow scores and schedules of their favorite teams and leagues. Previously, this information was available in the Today tab, but is now more prominently displayed as Apple wants to promote sports content on its services. A small but nifty new feature added to iOS 16.5 is asking Siri to record the screen. Users just need to say “Hey Siri, start a screen recording” to record a video of the iPhone screen and ask Siri to stop recording if desired. Alternatively, you can still record through the Control Center. If this function is not available in Control Center, users just need to go to Settings>Control Center and select add Screen Recording.



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