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Outstanding iOS 16 install rate

Apple continues to release install rate reports of the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. That help track the percentage of iPhone and iPad users who updated to them, currently iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

According to SlashGear, Apple collects this percentage using the company’s iOS and iPadOS App Store access devices. Then publishes the annual report on an Apple Developer portal website. User approvals for this year’s iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 continue to show their advantage over Android. When the difference is significantly higher.

Apple’s report says that 81 percent of all iPhones released in the last four years ran iOS 16. If you consider older iPhone models, this drop to 72 percent is still quite impressive. The numbers for iPadOS 16 on iPad aren’t as spectacular. Only 53% of iPads released in the last four years use iPadOS 16. That number drops to 50% if an older iPad is included.

With these adoption rates, Apple says that iPhone users are in the same period. Are ready to update to iOS 16 much faster than iOS 15. Even so, Apple’s report comes almost late. a month from last year’s report, which gives iOS 16 an edge.

Google used to have a dashboard for Android, but as of 2020 they stopped making these numbers public. Hidden them in Android Studio – a Google development suite. In January, figures from Android Studio showed that only 5% of Android devices were running Android 13 – a far cry from iOS 16. Especially after the operating system has been out for six months.

It is known that due to the closed ecosystem tightly controlled by Apple. It is easier for the company to release updates for all devices in one go. This also results in iOS and iPadOS devices generally having higher install adoption rates than Android devices. Meanwhile, the huge number of companies and devices in the Android ecosystem as well as different Android variant branches lead to an update taking longer to reach devices. Apple released the data rate of the iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 install in February. The first report was released last September.



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