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iPad Mini 7 will be extremely “attracting” if it has this feature

# ** iPad Mini 7 will be extremely “attractive” if it has this feature** ## **After all, what does the iPad mini 7 compact tablet need to convince users to upgrade?** iPad mini has always been one of the super convenient products. The compact size of this tablet makes them a great assistant for users on the go, especially in public transport. However, the iPad mini 6 has 1 huge minus point – lack of Magic Keyboard (Magic Keyboard). When it came to the iPad Mini 6 coming out in 2021, Apple was repeatedly asked why they didn’t support the Magic Keyboard connection. At the time, a company representative said they did not notice the need. Besides, using a keyboard connected via Bluetooth also has some disadvantages. Users will notice lag due to wireless connection and fast typists will find it annoying. Second, the Bluetooth keyboard still needs to be charged and it will cost the user an extra cost to buy a charger. Meanwhile, the Magic Keyboard draws power directly from the tablet, has backlit keys, and integrates an additional USB-C charging port for more convenience. ## **iFan to expect from iPad mini 7?** Ignoring iPad mini 6, iOS users are heading for iPad mini 7. According to a statement from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPad mini 7 will be released on around spring 2024. Whatever upgrades next year’s smallest iPad may bring, support for the Magic Keyboard is what many iFans are looking forward to the most.



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