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iPadOS 17 is bringing this new feature to iPad

# ** iPadOS 17 is bringing this new feature to iPad** ## **Peripheral usability coming to Apple tablets.** By *HowToGeek*, (Apple)(https http://www.24h.com.vn/apple-c55e3987.html) has begun to “treat” the iPad more like a computer than a mobile device. Accordingly, as part of the iPadOS 17 update, the iPad will receive support for webcams and external cameras. Accordingly, the developer preview version of iPadOS 17 now allows users to connect webcams and cameras to iPads via USB using devices like the Elgato Cam Link 4K. Similarly, if the user’s camera has a webcam mode, the iPad will still support it. For now, iPad-connected peripherals seem to only work on FaceTime, which is because the feature’s new API hasn’t reached too many app developers yet. As more developers start to adopt the API, the ability to support separate cameras or webcams will emerge across more apps. From there, the iPad will have a stronger livestreaming ability and become an effective assistant for users who often interact on social networks. iPadOS 17 is currently available as a developer preview and will be in public beta soon. However, the new feature only arrives later this year, after iPadOS 17 launches to all users.



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