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iPhone 13 – The iPhone is still worth every penny.

If there’s an iPhone that people consider to be worth every penny in recent months. It’s probably the iPhone 13 instead of a newer iPhone 14.

In fact, the iPhone 13 has been the most recommended device in recent months. Because it really is an iPhone that is not inferior to the modern iPhone 14. More importantly, this product strikes a great balance between its ability to deliver and its cost.

Interestingly, the iPhone 13 has actually gained stronger interest since the arrival of the iPhone 14. Which has increased its selling price even if it makes only a few differences with the iPhone 13. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13’s price. It is also much “lighter” than before. When users only need to spend about 17.5 million VND for the version with 128 GB of internal memory.

iPhone 13 being sold in Vietnam offers many different color options. The price may vary by a few hundred thousand dong for certain colors. It’s really a great opportunity for those who have an older iPhone and want to upgrade to an iPhone. With the best price and performance balance possible. In addition, this is also an option for those who want to participate in the Apple ecosystem.

But if you already own an iPhone 13 and want the best user experience possible. You should equip your iPhone with the best gadgets or accessories, no matter what you want to use it for. Here are some typical accessory names that users can check out.

Anker MagSafe battery: With the specific model of 622 Mago 5000 mAh. It allows users to charge their iPhone many times. Its design is entirely for iPhone that supports MagSafe and feels really comfortable in everyday use. The reference price for this charger is about 950,000 VND during the promotion period on Anker Vietnam’s website.

Case: Of course. Users are still recommended to buy a case for their iPhone to protect it as best as possible. For a device as aesthetically pleasing as the iPhone 13. It’s best to buy a transparent case, such as Spigen’s model. With this case, users not only maintain the aesthetics. But also ensure the protection of the device in the event of a possible drop or impact. The reference price for this case is about 400,000 VND.

Wireless Headphones: And finally a great addition to the iPhone, AirPods. In this case, the second generation AirPods Pro is the name mentioned. Thanks to its noise cancellation, sound quality and comfort. So it is difficult to find a more suitable option than this product. The reference price for AirPods Pro 2 is about 5.8 million VND.



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