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iPhone 14 Plus “hot” is back with these 2 features

**Recently, Apple has just released 2 promotional videos for the long battery life and trouble detection of iPhone 14 Series.** Of the 2 promotional videos shared by Apple on its YouTube channel, one focuses on advertises the long battery life of the iPhone 14 Plus and the other uses the iPhone 14 Pro to highlight Apple’s Problem Detection feature. The first ad was called “Battery for Miles”, showing a man driving a tractor carrying a giant pumpkin moving slowly, along a long, straight road. In the video, Ludacris’ song “Two Miles An Hour” is played in the background, and notably, mounted in front of the man’s steering wheel is an iPhone 14 Plus with a map interface. According to the instructions, the iPhone gives directions: “102 miles left, keep going.” At the end of the video is the manufacturer’s bold statement: “Our longest battery life ever. That’s the iPhone 14 Plus.” In the second ad, “Crash Test,” a crash test of a car took place in the background of the song “You Can’t Hurt Me No More” by Gene Chandler. The crash was filmed in slow motion and used a dummy for testing until the vehicle came to a stop. Mounted on the dashboard is an iPhone 14 Pro with a screen that says “Looks like you have a problem.” Then the trailer reads: “Crash Detection – Crash Detection can detect a serious car crash and automatically call 911. This is iPhone 14 Pro.” Currently, the iPhone 14 quartet all have Collision Detection built in, which can be of great help to their owners. At this point, in addition to the iPhone 14 series, customers can consider waiting for the iPhone 15 series, which is expected to launch in September. The next iPhones will have quite a few changes, including a Dynamic Island area for all both versions, USB-C port instead of Lightning and Periscope periscope lens for iPhone 15 Pro Max.



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