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iPhone 14 Pro Max screen stripe error will not be warranty?

iPhone 14 Pro Max with screen stripe error in Vietnam will not be covered by warranty but needs another solution.
On social media platforms, some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users are reporting that their devices are experiencing flashing blue horizontal lines on the screen while the device is being used. turned on for unknown reasons, according to Mac Rumors.
In Vietnam, from the beginning of January 2023, Apple’s authorized service centers (AASP) also started to record the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the same error. This situation makes many Vietnamese users bewildered.
And in an internal notice sent to AASPs (Apple authorized service centers) in Vietnam recently, Apple has announced a solution for customers who have devices with this error.
“Flashing horizontal lines on the screen may appear on some users’ iPhone 14 Pro Max when powering on or unlocking the phone. However, this problem is short-lived and should go away in a few seconds. Let customers know Apple is aware of the issue and that a software update is forthcoming to address the issue. It is also recommended that customers update their software,” Apple’s internal message reads. “Apple defect” also emphasizes that service centers do not create repair orders for these cases.
iPhone 14 Pro Max with screen flickering error in Vietnam will not be repaired but wait for the next iOS update
The problem was first discovered last December and more and more iPhone 14 Pro users are experiencing this problem. In most cases, green and yellow horizontal lines and unusual flickering effects appear when the screen is turned on.
Many other users confirmed that they had problems upgrading to iOS 16.2. Although, according to MacRumors, this bug also appears on devices using older iOS 16 versions.
In a recent move, Apple has also confirmed and pledged to fix it as soon as possible. An internal source from MacRumors said that “Apple Defect” is looking for a way to thoroughly solve it in the next iOS update. “Some users have reported that when they power on or unlock their phone, they see flashing horizontal lines on the screen. Apple has identified this issue and will address it with an upcoming software update. eyes,” the note said.



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