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Apple iPhone 15 convert the Lightning port to Type C?

Recently, there has been leaked information about new Apple products that made the community seethe, specifically, the iPhone 15 series launched this September will have obvious steps and changes.

Although the phone design will not be too new, it is worth noting that the iPhone 15 will be equipped with a super-durable, super-hard Titanium border, creating a premium look for this new phone line. In addition, with the iPhone 15, the Apple family has decided to completely remove the notch and switch to using Dynamic Island like the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 Pro. This means that the iPhone 15 will own a completely new full-screen from Apple, opening a full-screen trend for future phones.

There is information that Apple will completely remove the Pro Max line and will have the iPhone 15 Ultra instead.
iPhone 15 Ultra has a super powerful configuration, which will be stronger than iPhone 15 Pro with a better heat dissipation system, extremely suitable for gamers, and most notably, its image processing algorithm for iPhone 15. Ultra, better, better, extremely suitable for those of you who like to take pictures and videos, ensuring the best, sharp, and true images.
iPhone 15 will also use the latest and most advanced Wifi 6E, helping to connect to the network faster, and stronger, ensuring connection and user experience.

But the most notable change of the iPhone 15 series is that the iPhone 15 will completely remove the lightning port, switching to using the Type-C connector. But it is this that has also made Apple fans bewildered. With a transition like that, what the previous chargers will look like, not to mention, the loss of Apple’s uniqueness? Headphone products that used to be made specifically for the lightning port will now be completely useless if they switch to Type-C and that makes quite a lot of people dissatisfied with this change Apple.

However, all will be officially revealed in September. Let’s wait for the launch of the iPhone 15, to see if this leaked information is true, and the iPhone 15 will give us another surprise about its features.



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