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iPhone 15 may feature breakthrough battery technology that delivers exceptional capacity and performance

**A recent rumor indicates the (iPhone 15)( product line of (Apple)(https://www.thegioididong. com/dtdd-apple-iphone) can be equipped with brand new battery technology to provide high capacity and longer usage time. Find out in the article.** According to Twitter account RGcloudS, the ‌iPhone 15‌ series has stacked battery technology. The information is given as part of a leak about the (Galaxy S24) models ( and (Galaxy S24 Ultra)(https:// by (Samsung)(, which is also said to use similar stacked battery technology on one’s own. Stacked battery technology uses an advanced manufacturing method known as lamination, where components and separators are stacked into thin layers instead of being rolled up like conventional batteries. By optimizing space more efficiently, stacked batteries can hold more materials, creating a larger total capacity. This allows stacked batteries to achieve higher energy densities than coiled batteries. Heat is also distributed more evenly instead of being concentrated in a single area, helping to prolong the life of the battery. Electric vehicles have relied heavily on stacked battery technology due to their ability to deliver high capacity and rapid recharge, as well as superior energy density. They are also found in the medical device, aviation, aerospace and renewable energy sectors. In addition, the source also discovered signs that Apple will equip 40W wired charging technology and 20W MagSafe charging technology, but it is not certain whether this is an upgrade for the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 series. (iPhone 14 Pro Max)( can currently charge up to 29W wired with ‌MagSafe‌ charging at 15W.



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