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iPhone 15 Plus will help Apple “unlock” this year

# **iPhone 15 Plus will help Apple “unlock” this year** **With massive upgrades, the iPhone 15 Plus will help Apple turn defeat into victory in 2023.** Last year, the whole industry The industry expects iPhone 14 Plus to become one of Apple’s best-selling smartphones. This is Apple’s first affordable iPhone to offer a large 6.7-inch display. However, the truth is that Apple’s “large cheap” iPhone has failed miserably. This year, the iPhone 15 Plus could be Apple’s second chance and also the last chance for the affordable 6.7-inch iPhone to win a spot in the Cupertino-based company’s lineup. . According to analysts, this time, the company will have a much higher chance of success. ## **iPhone 15 Plus will become a candidate for the title of “best selling” smartphone?** There are 3 things that make iPhone 15 Plus prevail in the market: ● Highly useful features ● New design with Dynamic Island ● More affordable than iPhone Pro Max This year, the most interesting, must-have new feature on the iPhone 15 series is… the USB-C port. Compared to last year’s iPhone 14 series – which integrates the Lightning port of last year, the new USB-C port will make the new iPhone 15 Plus a future device, which many people are interested in. Plus, the iPhone Pro’s 48MP camera will give the iPhone 15 Plus superpowers for taking photos and videos. This is the first time “Apple” has included a telephoto camera in a standard iPhone since 2017. ## ​​**New curved edge design** A new design with gentle curves on all sides with Dynamic Island will be the things that make the iPhone 15 Plus new compared to older iPhones. These changes will give the iPhone Plus model another chance to prove its existence. Announced last year, the iPhone 14 Plus is just an enlarged version of the iPhone 13, which is very similar to the iPhone 12. Therefore, the fact that they are “out of stock” does not surprise many people. This year, the iPhone 15 Plus will have a “functional design” with a curved edge, making it more comfortable to hold than the current flat edge. With a lightweight aluminum frame, the iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen will become an attractive option for more iFans. ## **iPhone 15 Plus will “attract” more customers than iPhone 15 Pro Max?** Currently, the technology world has not yet dared to confirm whether the selling price of the iPhone 15 Pro series will increase or not. If that turns out to be as rumored, the iPhone 15 Plus will be a bit more appealing than the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. **Estimated price for iPhone 15:** ● iPhone 15 – 799 USD (about 18.73 million VND) ● iPhone 15 Plus – 899 USD (about 21 million VND) ● iPhone 15 Pro – 1,099 USD (about 25.76 USD) million dong) ● iPhone 15 Pro Max/ iPhone 15 Ultra – $1,199 (about VND 28.11 million) In addition to a completely new design with Dynamic Island, a more convenient USB-C charging port and an upgraded 48MP camera with the ability to With optical zoom, the iPhone 15 Plus will be Apple’s most “buffalo” battery iPhone. Currently, this title belongs to the iPhone 14 Pro Max while real-world battery tests show that the two have equal battery life. According to experts, the iPhone 15 Plus will be a great product alongside the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra, especially if the iPhone Pro models really increase in price.



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