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iPhone 15 will create a new ‘super cycle’ for Apple

# **iPhone 15 will create a new ‘super cycle’ for Apple** **Despite some signs that iPhone sales are slowing, an Apple watcher predicts iPhone 15 sales will rebounded and pushed Apple stock higher.** iPhone sales have fallen 4% over the past six months compared with the same period last year, according to the company’s May earnings report. However, Dan Ives, Apple analyst on Wall Street, thinks that Apple’s revenue is likely to increase again in the context of about 250 million iPhones that are old and have not been upgraded for at least 4 years. Ives believes that the iPhone 15 will convince this group of users to upgrade to the device, in addition to an “enthusiastic” group of iPhones that update the device every year. Ives, like some other experts, predicts Apple will increase the selling price of the new generation of iPhones. Ives was right when he made his prediction about the price of previous iPhone generations. The average selling price of iPhone 15, Pro and Pro Max models is expected to be around $925, $100 higher than the average selling price of iPhone generations over the past 18 months. Currently, the starting price of iPhone 14 Pro Max is $ 1099 and the Pro version is $ 999. But the iPhone 14 model starts at $799 with the 128 Gb storage version, pulling the average selling price of the entire generation lower. Therefore, it is not clear if Apple will increase the price of all iPhone 15 models or only on the lowest priced regular version. Ives also believes that the new Vision Pro AR headset is not a future flagship product of Apple, instead services such as cloud storage, App Store, AppleTV, Fitness, advertising. According to statistics, Apple’s services are on track to reach 100 billion USD compared to about 50 billion USD in 2020. Specifically, Apple’s services revenue in the first 6 months is 41.7 billion USD, increased by 6%. Ives is optimistic that the business will hit $100 billion instead of the current $82 billion target. All of this has led Ives to predict that Apple’s stock price remains a relative bargain. Experts think that AAPL can go up to 220 USD/share. This is a bold prediction, as Apple has yet to hit its previous target of $205. However, AAPL has been on the upswing lately, hitting record prices in June and currently trading at around $181.



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