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iPhone 8 and X users abandoned by iOS 17

# **iPhone 8 and X users abandoned by iOS 17** ## Apple just confirmed the upcoming iOS 17 will require iPhone Xs or later, though it hasn’t said if all features will be available on supported models or not. According to* AppleInsider*, this means users of models (iPhone 8)( htm) and X will not be updated to iOS 17 when they release this fall. The iPhone Xs was launched by Apple in 2018, which means any iPhone released by Apple in the last 5 years will be updated to the new iOS. Actual availability may vary as some features are expected to require newer models. That’s how Apple has done over the years to entice people to newer models if they want to take advantage of all the features of (iOS 17)( – Giao-dien-ios-17-185230529221938547.htm). Apple support also shared the information, saying, “The features and apps that users receive may vary depending on the iPhone model, region, language, and carrier they are using. use”. Although it will have to wait until next fall to be able to download and install iOS 17, before that Apple will also release developer and beta versions for those who like to take risks. install them on your device.



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