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iPhone charging slowly after iOS update, this could be a fix

# **iPhone is charging slowly after iOS update, this could be a fix** **Since iOS 16.1, Apple has added 1 new feature that affects battery charging.** New feature This is called Clean Energy Charging. Specifically, the iPhone will adjust to the highest charging rate during the so-called “clean energy production time” in the US. This means that during “peak hours” (usually between 2pm and 7pm US time) the iPhone won’t charge as fast as before. Apple has also set this feature by default, and it could be the answer to your feeling that your iPhone is charging slower after an iOS update. Turning off Clean Energy Charging also means restoring normal charging for iPhone and here’s how. You open Settings/Settings > Battery/Battery > Battery Health & Charging/Battery Status & Charging. Once the menu opens, scroll down and turn off Clean Energy Charging. A new window will pop up asking if you want to disable the feature until tomorrow or permanently. ## **I can’t find Clean Energy Charging and iPhone is still charging slowly?** There are 2 reasons why you can’t find Clean Energy Charging. The first is because your iPhone may not yet be updated to iOS 16.1 and later. Next is most likely because this feature is announced by Apple to be applied in the US, so it may not be available in other regions. And if you can’t find Clean Energy Charging and your iPhone is still charging slowly, technology news site ZDNET advises you to choose a fast charger that’s compatible with your device, and emphasizes that there are precautions to reduce it. Battery degradation is as follows: + Do not charge iPhone overnight. This habit causes the phone to overheat for a long time and damage the battery. Use an Apple-certified charger (MFi). + Try not to fully charge iPhone every time. It causes the maximum battery capacity to be reduced faster.



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