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iPhone Flip is no longer a distant thing.

New information reveals that Apple’s folding screen iPhone is no longer a distant thing.

According to Tom’s Guide, Apple has been granted a patent for a mobile device very similar to the folding iPhone version (iPhone Flip).

iPhone Flip is no longer a distant thing.

The patent titled “Electronic device with screen and touch sensor structure”. Details Apple’s potential breakthrough design in the folding screen smartphone market.

UBS technology analyst David Vogt said the drawings submitted with the patent application showed. It was “an electronic device with many foldable parts”.

Accordingly, this design will be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 model. However, while the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has physical camera and volume buttons. Apple’s foldable iPhone will have touch layers, allowing for camera and volume control with hand gestures.

The patent content does not mention any possible sizes for this device. But before that, technology expert Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone Flip could have a screen size of up to 9 inches. Some other sources believe that Apple will use a 7.5-inch LG OLED panel.

Apple has not yet confirmed whether or not it is working on a foldable device.

Recently, there have been conflicting information about the possibility of Apple releasing a folding screen smartphone. “Apple defect” is said to be considering folding products to compete with rivals like Samsung.

Among those rumors, analysis firm CCS Insight last year said that Apple could launch a folding screen tablet in 2024. Before launching a folding phone.

Expert Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple’s folding iPhone is unlikely to be released before 2025. While analyst Ross Young believes that Apple can “launch” new products in 2024.

Technology expert Runar Bjørhovde said that Apple is in a high and comfortable position with traditional iPhones. So it will not rush to change direction, because folding screen smartphones may bring them risks. unnecessary.

Folding phones have many mechanical parts that are prone to malfunction or wear and tear. Such as hinges that help prevent dust and layers behind the folding screen.

In addition, battery life is quite a problem with folding screen phones. As they tend to have smaller batteries than regular smartphones. The folding screen design has narrowed the space for installing large batteries.

Folding iPhone could increase sales for Apple.

Analyst David Vogt said that if Apple produces a folding smartphone. This product can help the company increase the rate of customers buying and upgrading to a new model.

That could also potentially lure Android users to turn to Apple just to experience this folding model.

Worth mentioning, Apple’s patent receipt takes place in the context. Young people are tending to switch from ordinary smartphones to folding screen smartphones. Therefore, when launched, Apple’s folding iPhone model is likely to boost revenue growth above the expectations of “Apples with defects”.

Vogt predicts that the folding iPhone will probably be “launched in 2024”. Within the next five years, the folding device could lead to an increase in iPhone sales by about 5% compared to the company’s forecast.

However, there are also some signals to watch out for. According to Mr. Vogt, the “Smartphone Purchase Intent” survey conducted by UBS Evidence Lab asked the question: Is the folding feature what users want?

As a result, survey respondents answered that this is the least important feature.



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