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iPhone has a blue button: Look at it and know if it’s being tracked by a thief or not?

# **iPhone has a blue button: See if it is being tracked by crooks?** **This way you can check if there are any active spying apps and silently monitor your iPhone or not.** There are more and more types of malicious code targeting phone users, in which malicious codes spy with the purpose of tracking and stealing information on users’ phones is the most common. To protect users, smartphone manufacturers have launched many features to help users prevent apps from tracking their location and activity, but not everyone knows. In an interview with *The Sun*, security expert Chris Hauk pointed out that iPhone owners can actually check to see if apps are tracking them. By using a feature available on the iPhone, phone owners can detect “stalking” behavior (if any) – and quickly stop it. “iPhone users can take advantage of Apple’s ‘App Security Report’, which is built-in for iOS versions 15.2 and up,” said Hauk, security expert at Pixel Privacy. “The App Privacy Report provides insights into how often apps access your data – including location, camera, microphone, …”. To enable this feature, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to at least iOS 15.2. Next, go to Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report and select enable. When enabled, the feature will record every time an app accesses sensitive data such as photos, location, contact information, or when the camera or microphone is used. App Privacy Report’s data is quite detailed, which lists applications that have used location data, photos … specifically by time period each day as well as the frequency of access. “iPhone users can also instantly tell if an app is accessing their iPhone’s camera or microphone,” Hauk reveals. it means an app is using the iPhone’s camera. Yellow dots in the same area mean an app is accessing your microphone”, look out for these dots and investigate carefully if in doubt, Hauk says. ## **With phone. Android phones** You can also check the security of apps on Android phones. “On Android devices, users can check the ‘Privacy’ section of the Settings app to see which apps are available. is using the device’s camera or microphone,” explains Hauk. “Android devices will also display an orange or green dot in the upper-right corner of the screen when accessing the device’s camera or microphone. “, the security expert added.



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