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iPhone has a hidden feature that helps you become a “hero to save the Earth”: This is so weird that only Apple can think of it!

## One of the weirdest and clunky iPhone features is tucked away in the charging settings menu. As Earth Day approaches, you’ll wonder how you can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. We can do it in many ways such as using eco-friendly items or driving an electric car instead of a gas car… But if you have an iPhone running iOS 16.1 or later, you can contribute to “saving the Earth”. ” through a new hidden feature Apple just added called Clean Energy Charging. Here’s everything you need to know about how this eco-friendly charging option works. ## What is clean energy charging? Clean Power Charging for iPhone is a relatively new feature and has only just been added to iOS 16.1. So as long as you have a compatible iPhone running iOS 16 and live in the US, you’ll automatically have the feature. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available in the US and not in Vietnam yet. Clean energy charging helps to reduce carbon emissions by selectively charging when lower carbon emissions are available. This feature works by receiving a forecast of the carbon emissions of the local grid when the phone is plugged in. In other words, whenever there is solar or wind power ready to use, the iPhone will receive the battery charge. Otherwise, if this power is not available, charging will stop and resume when that clean power is available again. A prompt will appear to notify you that charging is paused when a clean power source is not available, but the prompt has the option to continue charging with a regular power source. In short, when Clean Energy Charging is turned on, users will only charge when there is an “environmentally friendly power source”, otherwise the phone will not charge. This can be considered a very meaningful feature, but it seems quite cumbersome that Apple brings on the iPhone. ## How does clean energy charging work? Clean Energy Charging works in tandem with Optimized Battery Charging to learn the user’s charging habits and patterns. You only get the Clean Energy Charge option where you spend most of your time, such as at home or work. If your charging habits change or you travel often, this feature won’t work. This makes perfect sense since those situations require you to charge the battery as quickly as possible. Although Apple says that Clean Energy Charging works in conjunction with Optimized Battery Charging, don’t confuse the two as they are very different features. Optimized battery charging extends the life of your iPhone battery by learning your charging habits to charge it to 80% and only fully charge it when you need it. ## How to enable Clean Energy Charging on iPhone If you are in the US and have iOS 16.1 on your iPhone, Clean Energy Charging is enabled by default. But for optimal results, some more settings are required. Because the feature needs to learn a user’s charging habits — like where you spend the most time and how often to charge your iPhone over time — some location settings need to be turned on. Specifically, the settings are Location Services, System Customization, and Critical Location. To enable these settings: * Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > Enable * Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services > System Preferences > ON * Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services > Critical Locations > ON ## How to turn off Clean Energy Charging Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Status & Charge > Clean energy charging > OFF . After you toggle the switch to off, a prompt will prompt asking if you want to Off until tomorrow or Completely Off, choose whichever you prefer. After disabling this feature, your phone will continue to charge even when there is no clean power source or current grid demand is high. Basically, the feature will not be available in many parts of the world and is not very useful to users when not everywhere has a grid using solar or wind power.



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