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iPhone, iPad will have an interface for the elderly

Apple adds an interface option with large, simple icons for older adults, or an accessibility suite of apps for people with visual, language, or cognitive disabilities. The new setting Assistive Access, when enabled, changes the iPhone and iPad home screens to a more focused, icon-less layout. Users can choose to sort by a 2×3 grid of apps or a regular list. The icons are also high contrast, making it easy to read while the back button is available on the screen instead of using gestures like the normal interface. Other software is also customized in a minimalist way such as Calling, FaceTime, Messages, Photos, Camera, Music. According to Apple, the goal of the accessibility suite is to help create a system that is less distracting for older adults. The company also introduced Live Speech feature available on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Users can enter text and the device will help them read aloud what they want to say. In addition to live chat, Live Speech works with both Phone and FaceTime software. Meanwhile, the new Personal Voice app allows users to create personalized digital voices. This is useful for people who are unable to speak or have a pronunciation impairment. The software will ask the user to read a random text for about 15 minutes on an iPhone or iPad to generate a simulated digital voice. For visually impaired users, Apple added a new feature Point and Speak. When integrated into the camera on iPhone or iPad, the Lidar scanner and machine learning on the device will determine the position of the user’s hand to search for words and letters to read. For example, if the user picks up the phone and points to different settings on the microwave, it will read aloud functions such as “add 30 seconds”, “defrost” or “start”. New software upgrades for phones and tablets were introduced by Apple for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) May 20. Cognitive, voice, and vision software features are expected to be available on its devices later this year.



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