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iPhone is dropping “shock”, should iFan wait for iPhone 15 or buy it?

**The time for Apple to announce the new iPhone line is only 2 months. So should fans wait for the iPhone 15 or buy a new iPhone now?** For now, the iPhone 14 models released last fall are still the best iPhones. But only about 10 weeks from now, “Apple House” will introduce the new generation of iPhone 15. So should consumers wait for the iPhone 15 or not? **When will the iPhone 15 Series come out?** Whether to wait for the iPhone 15 or not depends a lot on how long users will wait. If you follow the annual schedule – Apple usually launches new iPhones in September, the period of 2 months is not long. In other words, if you want to wait for the “family” of iPhone 15, iFan will have to wait no more than 10 weeks from this point. This is not too long to delay a purchase. **What new features are coming to the iPhone 15 series?** Another important factor in deciding whether to wait or not is exactly what users are waiting for. Currently, Apple has not made an official statement about the new iPhone line. Therefore, users can only rely on rumors about the iPhone 15 Series. Like every year, the iPhone Pro pair will have more interesting improvements. Specifically, the iPhone 15 Pro pair will run the A17 Bionic chip – manufactured on the 3nm process capable of delivering higher performance and energy efficiency. And yet, the “Apple House” will use a titanium frame for the body of the iPhone 15 Pro duo. This material is lighter and more durable than the stainless steel found on current iPhone Pro models. In particular, only the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a periscope telephoto lens, which will enhance zoom capabilities. In return, the Dynamic Island area, 48MP main camera and A16 Bionic chip will be available on both iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus this year. At the same time, the iPhone 15 quartet will both switch to the USB-C port, providing the opportunity for faster charging in the future. However, rumors say that the iPhone 15 Pro will cost $100 more (about 2.3 million) than its predecessor. Prices for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are expected to stay the same as for iPhone 14 models. **Which iPhone 14 is worth buying?** If you’re ready to buy iPhone 14 now, consider buying the model. Which iPhone? Like every year, they will be heavily discounted as soon as the iPhone 15 generation launches. Along with that, the iPhone 14 Pro pair is likely to stop selling when the 2023 iPhone series is released. Of course, they will still be on store shelves from other retailers and wireless carriers. Therefore, if you are eyeing the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max and the rumored features of the iPhone 15 are not very appealing, it is time to own one of the new iPhones. **Is the old iPhone good enough to resell?** Another reason for iFan to consider buying an iPhone right now is that Apple has just increased the exchange value when buying an iPhone to free up inventory before release. iPhone 15. So, if you have an iPhone in good condition, you can reduce the cost of buying a new iPhone at this time. The iPhone exchange value increased in early July after a slight increase in March. If you “upgrade” the iPhone 14 Pro Max from the iPhone 13 Pro Max, users will get a fairly high repurchase price. The exchange of old iPhones for new iPhones is another way for users to reduce costs if they can’t wait for the iPhone 15 quartet to launch. 0% installment plans at many domestic retail systems are also not bad options for new iPhone 14 Series buyers at this time. **Prospect for iPhone 15 series** Overall, iFan should wait for iPhone 15 Series because the official launch time is only a few weeks away. But if you don’t want to wait long, make sure the new iPhone you’re about to buy is the right device for its intended use and at the right price.



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