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iPhone users need to immediately get rid of this charging habit

# **iPhone users need to get rid of this charging habit right away** **If you want to prolong the life of your iPhone, you should quit this habit immediately when charging!** Everyone keeps a habit Charge your own iPhone battery. However, there is a method of charging an iPhone that will be detrimental to battery life. According to experts, iPhone users in particular or smartphones in general should remove the protective cover when charging the phone battery. In fact, Apple has voiced a clear warning about this behavior on its website, Battery – Battery section, reminding users to “remove the protective case while charging.” The company emphasized, if the phone heats up noticeably when charging, users should remove the case / protective cover from the phone. ## **Remove the protective cover when charging your iPhone** Recently, TikToker David Eluemunoh shared content related to iPhone battery life when charging. He claims that keeping the protective case when charging is the reason why the iPhone stops charging at 80% instead of fully charged. Apple’s website has a lot of other battery-saving recommendations, users should be aware. If you plan to store the device for a long time, you should not fully charge it or let the battery drain completely. When the battery is fully charged, the device will actually lose capacity over time and reduce the life of the battery. If the battery drains for too long, the phone may go into a “discharge state” and “cannot charge” again. Additionally, to protect the phone’s battery, iPhone users should “avoid high temperatures or extreme environments” (below 32 degrees F or above 95 degrees F). In addition, iFan should use Low Power Mode or optimize brightness settings to save battery life for your iPhone.



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