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iPhones stand out from the storm

**During a period of strong market volatility due to the war between domestic dealers, the older iPhone models remained stable in price.** The older iPhone models have had little price fluctuations in recent months. This is in contrast to the status of the iPhone 14 generation. These are still devices that maintain stable purchasing power, targeting the segment with few competitors. In addition, the low import price and no inventory pressure are also the reasons for the old iPhone models to remain stable and not depreciate. ## **Stay out of the price war** Specifically, the price of the iPhone 11 currently remains around the 9.5-11 million mark. The successor model of the above device, iPhone 12, is priced at 15-16 million VND at genuine dealers. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2022, when the iPhone 14 series was launched, the above-mentioned models had the same selling price, a difference of about 500,000 VND compared to the previous period. At the same time, the current level is equivalent to the price in promotions, running dealer sales at the end of last year. Therefore, the products are having a good level of price retention compared to the new Apple iPhone. This is in contrast to the iPhone 14 Pro Max when this model lost 6-9 million VND compared to 6 months ago. Apple’s most advanced mobile model is priced around 26-27 million dong in Vietnam. Talking to *Zing*, representatives of CellphoneS and Hoang Ha Mobile systems said that the selling price of old iPhones is currently at a stable level because there have been price adjustments from Apple as well as dealers before. Therefore, the retail price of the equipment is close to the capital input. In addition, the iPhone 14 generation dropped deeply due to the impact of the price war, initiated by Mobile World. Older models are not in the segment with too fierce competition. The inventory level of iPhone 11, iPhone 12 is not too much. At the same time, the entry price of the device is low, half of an iPhone 14 Pro Max. Therefore, the pressure on debt and bank interest rates is not so great that agents have to push prices and discharge goods. In particular, the iPhone 11 model, which has been discontinued and released since the end of 2022, when the iPhone 14 series was introduced. This device is only on the dealer’s shelf until the entire inventory has been disposed of. In addition, some agents still find a source of goods to import and continue doing business, but the quantity is not abundant. ## **Contributing a lot of revenue** iPhone 12 series is priced higher than previous years, in the same period. Usually, March-June every year is the low season, Apple will adjust the selling price of old iPhone lines to stimulate demand. In June 2021, iPhone XR was adjusted to VND 11-12 million in Vietnam. Similarly, in June 2022, the iPhone 11 model decreased to 11-13 million dong. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 is still priced at VND 15-16 million. Thus, on the same time reference, this machine is 2-3 million more expensive than the previous life. According to Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of Mobile Telecommunications, FPT Shop System, low-cost devices, especially iPhone 11 contribute the majority of revenue for Apple in Vietnam. The reason is that the mid-range price makes the device easily accessible to the average user. In Vietnam, iPhone 11 is one of the devices with the most impressive growth in 2022. The nearly 4-year-old device helps Apple grow strongly in sales, rising to second place in the list of smartphones. largest mobile brand in the country. Mr. Tuan Minh, Apple Product Manager of Hoang Ha Mobile, said that iPhone 11 is still in the best-selling group at the dealer. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 needs more discounts to be well received by customers.



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