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Is charging iPhone via Mac harmful?

# **Is charging iPhone via Mac harmful?** **In some cases, many people may think of charging iPhone via Mac instead of charger. This leads to the question of whether it is good and ensures the efficiency of the charging process?** The first thing that users need to know is that charging iPhone with a Mac does not pose any risk with age. battery life or device integrity. In fact, both devices are designed to work together, and the Mac operating system is macOS compatible with charging and syncing from the user’s iPhone. Another important thing to note is that while charging is compatible, it will be slower than using a regular charger, especially if your Mac is running power-hungry tasks, such as tuning. Edit the video in Final Cut Pro or render the scene in Blender. One of the other possible problems is that the Mac battery wears out more noticeably, since the device uses its own battery to charge the iPhone. This can result in higher power consumption and in the long run will reduce the battery capacity of the laptop. Plus, charging iPhone with a Mac for a long time can increase the temperature of both devices, and iPhone is more likely to get damaged because it has fewer temperature control features than a Mac. Finally, if you are going to use this option, it is best to use official charging cables and they have Apple certification (MFi) to avoid problems. ## What are the charging notes to ensure the life of the battery? Although batteries will degrade in performance over time, there are different ways to slow this process down to help them last longer. Here are some notes that users need to know to ensure longer battery life. * Do not perform daily full charge: The device battery operates on a charge cycle, so it is no longer necessary to charge from 0-100% of its capacity, but it is recommended to keep the device’s battery between 20% and 80% in order to prolong use time. * Occasionally perform a full charge cycle: To keep iPhone battery in optimal condition, users should perform a full charge cycle at least once a month. This involves charging the iPhone to 100%, then letting it discharge its battery completely and then charging it again to 100%. Basically, this operation allows to fully calibrate the battery and let it show the most accurate battery percentage. * Cool environment: While charging, be sure not to allow iPhone to reach extreme temperatures as this can affect battery life and the performance of internal components. If you notice any device getting too hot, disconnect iPhone from the charger. In short, charging your iPhone through your Mac from time to time shouldn’t cause any significant problems. But to maintain optimal battery life and performance of both devices, we recommend using a regular charger whenever possible and charging your iPhone on your Mac only when necessary.



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