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Is the Galaxy A54 5G worth buying?

## **This year, is the Galaxy A54 5G really “hot” like its predecessor or just creating momentum for fans to buy Galaxy S23?** The launch purpose of mid-range phones is to provide people Enjoy a great experience at an affordable price. This year, the Galaxy A54 5G is the product that creates this balance. Every year, the Galaxy manufacturer usually makes a “huge” number of phones. Besides the high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series. (Samsung)( also released a new generation (Galaxy A)( html), mid-range Galaxy M and Galaxy F. And in order not to affect the sales of the flagship segment, the Korean “tycoon” usually only integrates quite limited features on the Galaxy A series. In fact, the company’s sales of mid-range phones (especially the company’s mid-range phones). especially those cheaper than the Galaxy A54) shows that the Korean brand is doing better in the low-cost segment. **Galaxy A54 5G** **just like the four-year-old Galaxy A51?** For years, Apple’s affordable iPhone SE has been criticized for being old and outdated. However, the same goes for the Galaxy A54 5G. Unlike the Galaxy A53 with a cheap plastic back, the back of the Galaxy A54 has a more luxurious glass back, giving it a more premium feel. However, on the front, the screen design of the Galaxy A54 5G is no different from the screen of the Galaxy A51 2019. Is the Galaxy A54 5G worth buying? – 2 The front design of the Galaxy A5X has not changed over time. And yet, in the real speed test, the cheaper Galaxy A34 with MediaTek chip successfully “beats” the Galaxy A54 running Samsung’s Exynos 1380 chip. Of course, for users in the US, this won’t matter as the Galaxy A34 was not launched here. The Galaxy A54 is pretty much the only mid-range Samsung phone sold in the US, and that’s what makes it a (smartphone)( html) best mid-range In Vietnam, Galaxy A54 has a high starting price – from 10.49 million VND (8GB RAM / 128GB ROM version). This price is quite “expensive” compared to many other 5G smartphones on the market. Meanwhile, Galaxy A34 5G costs only from 8.49 million VND with the same memory capacity. This difference is not too large and is suitable for the needs of mid-range users. **Galaxy A54 5G is still worth buying** This year, Galaxy A54 5G brings a new, larger main camera sensor that supports night photography and video recording. In addition, the device also provides 4 years of Android updates and 5 years of security patches. This is a good reason to choose products over Chinese phone brands with better specifications Of course, Samsung’s mid-range smartphones also face problems such as: – Chip shortage Global – Global financial crisis and inflation – Old/refurbished iPhones – Competing with other Galaxy A itself Fierce competition in the mid-range segment from Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi and even Samsung Nothing is not expected to affect Samsung much. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a good mid-range Samsung phone, the Galaxy A54 5G is still the most reasonable choice.



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