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Is the project on zkSync worth the investment?

## **SURE, I WILL STUDY AND INVEST SERIOUSLY** zkSync is currently a pretty hot layer 2, using ZK Rollups technology, although not yet developed by layer 2 Optimistic Rollups like Arbitrum and Optimistic because of technological difficulty, but also fertile ground here. To answer the question in the title, I answer the question “Are the layers 2 ZK Rollups worth the investment?” before. Definitely worth the investment, because: * ZK is the solution that Vitalik – Founder of Ethereum thinks will be the winner in the battle of layers 2, although behind. * Layers of ZK are also noticed by many large investment funds, pouring in a lot of money: zkSync (458M), StarkNet (273M), in addition to Linea (belonging to Consensys, the parent company of Metamask), zkEVM (Polygon) , Scrolls,… are all developed by the big guys. * ZK projects are developed later, so there is still a lot of potential for development, early investment opportunities and high profitability. * In addition, another important factor is that no ZK projects have airdropped =)) and in the tokenomic of these projects, there is a part for the community. So, there is a lot of money in the sky waiting to fall into our heads. * The most prominent on ZK today is zkSync, with TVL that the number of users has grown impressively. * … zkSync is an early, user-friendly project in the ZK system, as well as the highest funding, so this article I will focus on this ecosystem. Knowing that we should invest in zkSync, then where to invest, we will move on to the next section. Scoring projects I have the opportunity to experience most of the projects on zkSync from a fairly early stage, below I try to score a few projects, the scale is 10. ## **ZIGZAG** 5/10 As one of the earliest projects on zkSync, the product is the orderbook exchange and also the first project I bought. In addition to the advantage of pioneering and being favored when right on the zkSync Lite homepage interface, clicking on the swap section will immediately switch to the Zigzag website. However, my experience on this project is quite bad when the price is always much different from the CEX floor and it is difficult to match orders, the interface to display the order is not complete, the founder is on twitter all the time showing off the long short order. Therefore, I fell early, I feel that this is not the leading project of zkSync. ## **SYNCSWAP** 7/10 The biggest DEX project on zkSync about TVL, easy to use, smooth interface and not yet tokenized. Sync has been in development for nearly 2 years, so I find the project quite neat, in addition, the liquidity of other projects listed on Sync is high and there will be a launchpad feature soon. Therefore, this project is always in the top 1 of my watchlist. The minus point is that there are some project fud teams related to a project that has rug pool in Aptos. ## **VELOCORE** 6/10 Just tge token for more than 1 week but already ranked 2nd in TVL, fork from Solidly with swap, liquidity, launchpad products. As the project with the largest amount of IDO commit on zkSync with about 9,000 ETH (~17M$), this is also my worry when participating in buying IDO Velocore when the dev holds too much money, it’s easy to rug pool, luckily. Fortunately that didn’t happen, even the team showed commitment when adding pool liquid at first 1M$, this large amount of liquidity led to a large inflow of money. Currently, the project’s TVL is still growing steadily, although there are still many features and marketing programs that have not been released. ## **MUTE.IO** 6/10 An AMM Dex project, early token launch, before Zigzag and always in the top 2 of TVL, before being surpassed by Velocore. This one at first I noticed but saw overvalue so I didn’t buy it, only used the product. However, while using it, there were some problems when removing liquidity and the dev could not fix it forever, so I limited use, other features like swap are fine. ## **SPACEFI** 5/10 Originally built on Evmos, received 1M Evmos grant from Evmos team and then expanded to zkSync. As the project I joined soon after Zigzag, there are quite a few features such as swap, special farming combined with NFT, promising to launch a launchpad function, so I think the project is quite ok. However, I quickly realized the weakness of the project was the large amount of farm, especially when I discovered that there was a wallet holding a large amount of NFT (accounting for 1/3 of the total NFT supply), and this amount of NFT also farmed $SPACE. , so I gradually withdrew. In the future, if the amount of farm discharge is kept like this and there are not many use cases for NFT, the project token price will continue to go backwards. Although the project has a thorough token burn and lock token farm mechanism, it will not last too long. In addition, the project’s IU / UX is not smooth and optimized, but I have not seen this problem improve until now. In addition, Gemswap (4/10) also has the same problem, even worse than Spacefi in farming mechanism as well as user experience. ## **NEXON FINANCE** 6/10 Lending project, not yet issuing tokens, the team worked carefully and was considered the top 1 Lending project on zkSync, before big guys like AAVE landed. After Syncswap, this is the second project I pay the most attention to. …. ## **THIS PROJECT WERE WEALTHY TO INVEST?** Worth it for myself, for the purposes of: * Find potential projects for the next bull-run season; * Profitable if the investment position is good and well researched; * Chance to receive airdrops, of course, airdrops of these projects and zkSync as well. However, investing in projects on zkSync is currently fraught with risks because: * Most projects lack quality, most are just forks from large projects; * Development time is not long enough; * Backer is not available or not published, the team is usually anonymous. * … So **not suitable for long-term investment**. For those of you who have little time to scrutinize and thoroughly understand the project, or lack of experience, I think you should wait a little longer. This is only the early stages of development of projects on the ecosystem, which will need some time to purge. Through this period, long-term investments will be safer. For myself, because I have a good position in projects, I only leave a small part of my profit to continue swap, farm or trade NFT, consider it a moon bag and have not bought investments yet. long-term on this ecosystem. What about you, please leave your views on these projects below to discuss.

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