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It is recommended not to turn on the air conditioner below 26 degrees Celsius, limit wearing a vest

## Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) recommends that household electricity users do not set the air conditioner temperature below 26 degrees Celsius to save electricity. The information is contained in the document sent by EVN to the provinces and cities on promoting electricity saving in the dry season 2023. The Group suggested that provinces promote communication so that households using electricity for daily life can actively reduce their consumption demand. consumption, do not set the air conditioner temperature below 26 degrees Celsius. In the announcement on the operation situation on May 15, EVN also said “hoping to receive the sharing and coordination of the people and customers” in the use. electricity, especially during peak hours at noon from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and in the evening from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. When using the air conditioner, this unit thinks it should be set at 26-27 degrees or more, combined with a fan. Users should also not use multiple devices with large capacity simultaneously. In addition, the document also recommends that administrative and non-business units reduce electricity consumption by 10% over the same period, hospitals and schools by 5%, public lighting by 50%. On the same day, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City also issued a document proposing urgent solutions to increase electricity saving. In particular, administrative agencies and office buildings should turn on the air conditioner 60 minutes late and turn it off 60 minutes earlier than the daily working hours; reduce 50% capacity of lighting system in corridors and public areas; Stop operating 50% of the elevators, encourage taking the stairs. Besides, people limit the use of formal clothes, vests… when working and participating in meetings. The expected implementation time is from May 16 to June 30. Electricity demand in Vietnam is increasing rapidly as it enters the hot season and may last until June and July. According to EVN, the national electricity demand reached a record of 895 million kWh on May 6, despite being weekends, an increase of 12.34% over the same period last year. Meanwhile, the influence of El Nino is expected to cause serious water shortages, affecting the electricity supply situation. The air conditioner is one of the most widely used power consuming devices in this period. According to experts, the more different the temperature adjustment from the environment, the more electricity will be consumed, as well as not beneficial to health. Users should only let the temperature difference be less than 10 degrees Celsius (preferably 7 degrees Celsius) and use more electric fans to keep the room airy and save more electricity. Experts recommend that users choose the right capacity, pay attention to installation factors, such as limited outdoor units placed in places with direct sunlight, rooms with limited large openings, and installing curtains to avoid direct sunlight. glass windows… 9,000 BTU air conditioner is suitable for rooms under 15 m2, while the 12,000 BTU type is for larger areas, or rooms that are not sealed with many glass doors and are exposed to direct sunlight. After a period of not using, users should clean the air conditioner so that the device can operate at its best, also contributing to saving electricity.



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