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It only takes a few seconds to enable this hidden feature on iPhone, FaceTime calls will sound clearer

## This feature can eliminate barking dogs or noises from children that often interrupt your FaceTimes calls. As a free video and audio calling app over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and pre-installed on Apple devices, FaceTime is an increasingly popular communication tool. But noise from the surrounding environment often affects FaceTime calls. One way to mitigate this is to enable the “Voice Isolation” feature on your iPhone. Since iOS 15 was released in 2021, “Voice Isolation” has appeared in FaceTime. It helps to block out noises like children playing, dogs barking… so that other people on the FaceTime call can hear you clearly. However, you can’t find “Voice Isolation” in “Settings” like other features, you have to make a FaceTime call to activate the feature instead. But once you have enabled, this feature will remain in the next FaceTime time. Here are the specific steps to enable “Voice Isolation”: 1. Start or join a FaceTime call. 2. Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to access **Control Center**. 3. Tap **Mic Mode** in the upper right corner of the screen. 4. Tap **Voice Isolation**. The trick is that you don’t have to FaceTime your loved ones to enable this feature. You can call yourself on FaceTime and enable Voice Isolation following the steps above. Regarding noise, the iPhone has another feature called “Wide Spectrum” which can be easily enabled in Mic Mode. While “Voice Isolation” blocks out the noise around you, “Wide Spectrum” – on the contrary – enhances the noise around you without affecting your voice. Just like “Voice Isolation”, “Wide Spectrum” will remain enabled the next time you make a FaceTime call. To disable both of the above – go back to Mic Mode and select **Standard (standard)** to return your microphone to its default settings.



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